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Party time for Maisa

Maisa is excited about going to daycare today.

Why? Because they are having a Halloween costume party.

Maisa will be a bumblebee today, and a ladybug when she goes trick-or-treating this weekend.

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Good to see an old friend

Had some good conversation and laughs with old high school buddy Eben last night. He’s married to one of Jill’s cousins, coincidentally.

Maisa had a great time with their two kids. As a bonus, no one got hurt, which was a minor miracle. 🙂


Giants took a 3-1 series lead last night, beating Philly in the bottom of the ninth.

Good thing they did, too, because I was exhausted and ready to turn off the TV after that inning — win, lose or draw.

It hurts a little bit that the Giants are headed to an NLCS victory over the Phillies — considering that the Dodgers failed miserably in two NLCS appearances against Philly. Sigh.


CC Sabathia was too much for Texas in ALCS Game 5. This series appears headed to a Game 7, which would be Cliff Lee against Andy Pettitte. Now THAT would be fun to watch.

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A productive Sunday

We washed windows at our house Sunday. Jill did most of the work, to be honest, though I got quite a workout cleaning other parts of the house.

I was exhausted by nightfall. It didn’t feel like an off day.

Maisa had a productive day, too. She went No. 2 on the potty for the first time Sunday evening! Woo-hoo!

We had to call both of her Grammas to share the news. They were very excited, and Maisa was very proud of herself. 🙂


The Phillies tied the NLCS at a game apiece Sunday night. 6 to 1 was the final score over the Giants.

Frisco’s run came on Cody Ross’ home run. He has four blasts in the last three games — off Derek Lowe, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt (according to ESPN radio announcers).

Four or five years ago, I was watching a Dodgers-Pirates game on TV at our old townhouse in Ankeny. Ross had a career game in a Dodger rout, hitting three home runs and driving in six or seven runs.

The Dodgers had to cut him a few days later, ironically, because they needed to make a roster move and Ross was out of options.

Ross eventually ended up at Florida, where he had two or three decent years. The Giants claimed him off waivers this year, I believe, and he has done a good job for them. Surprising power. A nice player.

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More pictures of Maisa

Click here to view dozens of recent photos of the Little Miss.

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Hat trick for Maisa

Very exciting news at our house yesterday — Maisa peed in the potty three times in one day! You should have seen the grin on that girl’s face as we congratulated her! Hahaha!

Jill said Maisa had a successful potty session last week, but apparently I wasn’t notified. 🙂 So I was very excited about Friday’s hat trick.


Goodbye, Twins. Meanwhile, the Rays stayed alive with a win in Game 3. Three playoff games tomorrow — the Rangers and Phillies both can clinch and move on to the LCS.


Utah 68, Iowa State 27. Ouch.

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Maisa loves ‘The Quiz’

When I was a kid, I thought submarine-style pitchers such as Dan Quisenberry and Kent Tekulve were the most interesting athletes in the world. Who would have thought that style could be effective against major-league hitters?

I often tried to imitate their unorthodox deliveries when playing catch with my Dad or my buddies. It was a hoot.

So, just because I’m a goofy guy, I did a little Quisenberry in our kitchen today when Maisa was having a snack in her high chair. The result? A laughing, giggling, hysterical toddler.

Maisa thought that was just about the funniest thing she had ever seen. Just like her old man did about 25 or 30 years ago.

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Maisa’s first haircut

Gramma and Mommy keep Maisa busy while the stylist cuts her hair. Daddy handled the camera duties.

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