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Scott Harris talks about his Farley Hawks baseball career. And these are some fabulous quotes.


Maisa and I chatted with Dubuque County baseball icon Scott Harris a couple of years ago after a Farley Hawks game. Scott is one of the most interesting people you’ll ever talk to. He was a hell of a hitter. And no one played harder than Scott Harris. He played hard, and he played smart.



I recently stumbled upon a 2017 audio interview with Dubuque County baseball icon Scott Harris talking about his Farley Hawks career. Below is an excerpt (my favorite quotes in bold).

Baseball is really, really important — almost spiritual — to the community of people that I grew up with in Dubuque County. It’s hard to explain what that looks like, but Scott’s heartfelt and sometimes emotional comments come close to painting that picture.

And just like Scott, I’ve always drank the Paul Scherrman Kool-Aid. 🙂


From the Scott Harris interview …

“I absolutely loved baseball, but (my hometown of) Peosta only played in one league. Farley played in two leagues. And Farley had Chops Healy and Don Till and Paul Scherrman — three guys I idolized growing up.

“I was in college, a freshman, and Tuesday, May 6, my Mom says ‘Hey I forgot to tell you, Paul Scherrman called you on Saturday. You’re supposed to call him.’ I said ‘Geez why didn’t you tell me that before now?’

“So I called Paul and he said ‘We’d like you to play’ and I said ‘Absolutely.’ That was when I was 19 and now I’m 57 and still playing. It’s neat because my oldest son plays with Farley now.

I owe a lot to Paul Scherrman about so many things. And baseball, you know. As you grow up, you either drink the Kool-Aid or you don’t, and I definitely drank Paul Scherrman’s Kool-Aid. I just absolutely love it. The best. The best.

“We were in so many tournaments and won a lot of games and competed. I always felt we did it the right way. We didn’t care if it just was a Sunday afternoon league game. We played hard and played the right way. Paul instilled that in everybody and that’s what I try to instill in my kids. You gotta be mentally tough and you gotta compete. You gotta play hard. You don’t just go through the motions.

“Yeah baseball was so much (of my life). I had opportunities to find teaching jobs in other areas, but as crazy as this may sound, I didn’t want to move. I wanted to play for Farley baseball.

“When we got into the golf cart business and took over Chicago, I’d go to Chicago at 4 in the morning and get my work done, then be back for a 7 o’clock game that night. I did that many, many times. Or got done with a game at 9:30, 10 o’clock, then hightail it into Chicago. But I wanted to do that because I just love the game of baseball but as much as that I loved the guys I played with.

It just felt like you didn’t want to let Paul Scherrman down. I didn’t want to let him down.

“Every summer since I was 18 years old, we didn’t take trips during the summer or anything. Most people probably think that’s pretty stupid … but my whole summer revolved around (Farley baseball). I always had that drive for baseball, and Farley baseball, and Paul Scherrman, and the guys you play with.”


Brother Dan, Maisa and I pose for a photo with Dubuque County baseball hall of famer Paul Scherrman a few years ago after a Farley Hawks game. Paul was my baseball hero when I was growing up. A tremendous hitter, catcher, manager and communicator. Baseball is serious business to Paul, and I most certainly drank “the Paul Scherrman Kool-Aid.” He leads the Farley Hawks like a four-star general on the battlefield.

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Heard this on the radio today. Good tune.

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Wisdom from the former Dodgers/Tigers broadcaster

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Carver-Hawkeye Arena

Jill got us terrific seats at last night’s Hawkeye men’s basketball game. Nine rows from the court!

Here are photos from our trip.

Our good friend Mark Emmert shot this photo for us from the press area.

A selfie photo from the top of the arena as we were leaving.

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Maisa’s team got to play at Centennial tonight

During halftime of the varsity game. She’s No. 3.

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My favorite baseball player for most of the last 15 years

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Wow, Hawkeyes!

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