Now what?

02 Aug

The Dodgers are so good this year, I practically have to check that all my limbs are intact after they lose a game.

I’ve almost forgotten how that feels. I’ve forgotten how to quickly forget about a loss and move on to the next game.

That’s what happens when your team has three winning streaks of nine or more games (before Aug. 2). When your team is 43 games over .500. When your team goes 20-3 in July.

I think about all those astounding numbers, and then I circle back to what a beautiful game baseball is. Yesterday doesn’t matter at all, tomorrow is too far away to think about, and today is the only thing you can control.

What the Dodgers have done the last three months is so far removed from the norm of what baseball/life is all about. In baseball/life, there are just as many losses as wins. The ups and downs are roughly equivalent. One day you’re a world beater, the next day you’re a failure.

Baseball = life. That’s an equation that continues to guide me through this crazy world of ours.

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