Maisa’s gifts were a big hit

26 Dec

Santa brought Maisa a markerboard/chalkboard easel, a fairy that flies and a Go Fish card game. Gramma and Grampa got her Hungry Hungry Hippos. Godfather Tom sent her a Rainbow Loom bracelet kit. We spent almost all of Christmas Day playing with those new toys and games. We had a blast.

Lots of laughs all around, especially when the flying fairy flew out of control and hit the unsuspecting Grampa B. in the belly.

For lunch we had free food at Wheelhouse Pizza just down the street. They gave away pizza as a form of customer/community appreciation. Great food!


I spent part of the day watching the movie “The Town” while everyone else napped. It’s a story about a group of Boston bank robbers and their demise. Stars include Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm and Blake Lively.

It was an entertaining film, but I always feel a little depressed to know that there are real people and events similar to the ones in the film. It’s hard to believe people can be so violent and willing to throw away their lives, go to prison or end up dead.

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