Never a bad time to see the Left Arm of God

24 Oct
Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers

Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers


My writing muse seems to have left me hanging the last few days. So how about a picture of the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time?

Maisa and I watched a documentary about Sandy last night before bed. Goodness, he was an incredible pitcher.

Willie Mays, probably one of the five best players ever, was interviewed on the program and said there were times he felt like he had no chance against Koufax.

Willie Stargell, one of the most feared power hitters in baseball history, said hitting against Koufax was like drinking coffee with a fork.

Ernie Banks, the great Cubs shortstop who won back-to-back MVP awards, said he “never saw everything come together for an athlete like it did for Koufax.” Banks said there was a game in which he struck out three times against Sandy — on nine pitches.

Mickey Mantle, a Hall of Famer and Triple Crown winner, struck out on Koufax’s physics-defying curveball in the 1963 World Series, then turned to catcher John Roseboro and said, “Now how the hell am I supposed to hit that sh**?”

And my favorite quote from Roseboro: “Catching Koufax, it was like having the feeling of ‘Yeah, we’re gonna kick someone’s a** today.’ “

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