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Lady A does it again

I heard this great new song at Kauffman Stadium this week and tried to figure out who was singing it. I should have known it was Lady Antebellum.

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Timing is everything

Clayton Kershaw thoroughly dominated the Cardinals today (7 innings, 5 hits, no runs, 13 strikeouts, 2 walks).

Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in Major League Baseball

Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in Major League Baseball

If only Kershaw could have been that unhittable in last year’s Game 6 of the NLCS. Maybe the Dodgers would have went on to raise their seventh World Series championship flag. We will never know.

But my God, what a pitcher Kershaw has become. Truly one of the all-time greats.


Beating the Cardinals is better than eating chocolate cake.

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Kershaw = Koufax?

Vin Scully makes very few mistakes, but he just referred to Clayton Kershaw as “Sandy…” before catching himself.

Can you blame him?

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Is there anything better than crushing the Cardinals?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Andre Ethier and three of his Dodger teammates hit RBI doubles during a six-run second inning Saturday en route to a 9-1 victory over St. Louis, enabling Zack Greinke to become the third NL pitcher to reach double digits in wins.


Hard to believe, but dating to April 17, 2011, the Dodgers have won 16 of the last 25 regular-season games vs. the Cardinals.


Clayton Kershaw pitches today. He hasn’t given up a run in 21 straight innings. Here are the longest scoreless-inning streaks in L.A. Dodgers history (thanks to Dodgers Insider for the info):

59: Orel Hershiser, 1988 (this is the Major League Baseball record, by the way)
58: Don Drysdale, 1968
35: Don Sutton, 1972
33: Sandy Koufax, 1963
27: Don Sutton, 1969
26: Don Drysdale, 1960
26: Sandy Koufax, 1963
25: Wilson Alvarez, 2003
25: Andy Messersmith, 1975
25: Fernando Valenzuela, 1985
25: Don Drysdale, 1967

Interesting that Koufax’s name is on this list only twice. I bet he had a LOT of scoreless streaks lasting 19 to 24 innings. 🙂 And what the heck is Wilson Alvarez’s name doing on this list?

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Casting the Rays aside for a while

The Angels and Twins used to be my American League teams. Then I latched on to the Rays.

But with the Rays playing so poorly, it’s time to pick a new “auxiliary” team — at least for the remainder of the season.

I think I’ll go with the Royals.


  • We attended two of their games this week and enjoyed the experience very much.
  • The Dodgers won two of three from KC, so no hard feelings on my end. 🙂
  • KC built their team the same way I would build a team: great defense, solid starting pitching, dynamite relief pitching.
  • I got a free Royals T-shirt and three free Diet Dew refills at the ballpark this week. Thanks KC!
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A better option. Much better.

Mankind’s greatest technological feat: I can mute the Cardinals’ TV announcers and listen to Vin Scully on my Kindle. Thank you, science.

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The K.C. experience

It’s been seven years since Jill and I made our last trip to Dodger Stadium. We need to get back there. The Royals fans we sat by last night were none too pleased by our cheering for the visiting blue team. 🙂 Actually, they were fine and we were fine. All in good fun.

Tuesday, we were seated in an area with a lot of Dodger fans. That was really cool. Lots of high-fives and cheering.

We sat in the upper deck behind the plate last night. I love that bird’s-eye view. Easier to judge where the ball is going to end up when you can survey the whole field and observe the defensive players’ positioning and movements.


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