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Triple threat

I’m very proud of my Maisa. She is an outstanding speller and an exceptional reader. And more importantly, she can identify all of the Dodger players by their batting stances.

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Cards vs Giants

Need someone to start beating the Giants.

But goodness it’s hard to cheer for the Cardinals.

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Catch the ball and see what happens

All right! These Dodgers are starting to play some baseball!

My guys have won six of their last eight games. And despite sleepwalking through most of the season, the Dodgers are five games over .500. Only four teams have more wins than Dem Bums.

Our great starting pitching is grabbing all of the headlines, but just as important has been our improved defense. Makes a big difference when you catch everything and make all of the plays you should make.

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A great day to have lunch outside


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A little thing, but it was big

Yasiel Puig manages to positively impact almost every Dodgers victory. Tonight he didn’t have any hits, but he made a huge “hustle” play on defense to prevent the tying run from scoring in the eighth inning.

The guy is so good in so many ways. Out-of-this-world talent.

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What a game!

Josh Beckett pitched the 21st no-hitter in Dodgers history today. Wow!

The Dodgers have hurled more no-hitters than any other franchise.


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More Puig, please

Yasiel Puig is the most exciting player in baseball. And at the moment, he’s the best player in baseball, too.

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