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Glad to face the Braves

My beloved Dodgers might get swept by Atlanta in the playoffs. That’s OK, because the only two Braves fans I know are soft-spoken, respectful guys from Shelby County. They won’t rub it in if the Dodgers lose.

The other option would have been playing the Cardinals. St. Louis fans are usually pretty outspoken about their team’s perceived greatness. Losing to the Redbirds means weeks, months, even decades of insults.

So go Dodgers, and hopefully the Cards will be eliminated in the first round.

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This is it

It’s the final day of baseball’s regular season — sort of a melancholy day for me.

Once the playoffs start Thursday, things get serious. A lot of anxious moments for baseball fans.

Watching baseball is supposed to be fun and carefree. Warm days in the sun drinking beer and eating hot dogs. Losing a regular-season game isn’t that big of a deal.

There’s nothing carefree about the playoffs. Every game is gigantic and stressful. It feels more like football, where a team’s season can go down in flames with one or two losses.

I actually enjoy the playoffs more when the Dodgers aren’t involved. Then there’s no stress for me. But this week, starting Thursday, I’ll be sweating out the games and battling a lot of butterflies.

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Lose game, find your own way home

USC lost at Arizona State last night, then promptly fired the head coach. Five games into the season. I wonder if they even let him fly back to L.A. with the rest of the team.

Iowa and Iowa State fire coaches, too, but at least they’re classy enough to do it after the season.

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Clayton Kershaw finishes the regular season with these stats

1.83 earned-run average

.195 opponents’ batting average

232 strikeouts in 236 innings

52 walks

164 hits

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An unbeatable combination

Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke?

No, the Oak Ridge Boys and the Dukes of Hazzard …

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Birthday earrings

Happy 5th birthday to Maisa, who got her ears pierced today.


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Grampa Kramer’s plant

After Dad died three years ago, Jill’s parents/family sent some nice flowers that we planted outside our home. We eagerly await their late September blooms each year.

Maisa calls it “Grampa Kramer’s plant.”

Yesterday was the first day I noticed this year’s blooms. Very pretty.

We miss you, Dad, and we think about you every day.


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