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Tour de Ankeny

Maisa’s favorite activity these days is riding her bicycle.

She hardly ever misses a day, and when she goes, she GOES. All around the “big block” and traveling at impressive speeds.

I used to walk behind her up until this week. I now follow her on my bicycle so it’s easier to keep up,

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Yasiel Puig nearly killed himself running into a wall, then drove in the go-ahead runs the next inning.

Guy is a non-stop highlight reel.

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Dem Bums gonna rise again?

Sometimes you have to hit the snooze button a few times before you wake up.

In the case of the Dodgers, it took three months’ worth of snooze buttons before the team snapped out of its slumber.

The Bums won their fifth straight game last night, completing a sweep of the hated Giants. Our pitching, defense, hitting and health all seem to be coming together at once.

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Did you see Matt Kemp’s catch that saved the Dodgers last night?

Click here to watch Kemp’s sensational catch with two outs in the ninth inning and two runners on base.

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Big Game James

I’m happy for old friend James Loney, who is having a great year for the Rays.

Three more hits for Loney tonight in another Tampa Bay win. The ex-Dodger is hitting .309.

Loney tossed a game ball to Jill at Coors Field in 2006. So we have always considered him one of our favorite players.

The Rays are such a fun team to root for. I really enjoy watching their games when I get a chance. If the Dodgers folded tomorrow, I would be a Rays fan.

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30 teams in 30 seconds

Maisa made my day yesterday when we were watching the Rays/Jays game:

Maisa: Daddy, how many teams are there? 25?

Me: There are 30 teams.

Maisa: Who are all the teams? Tell me all of them.

So I grabbed the Register sports section and opened up to the baseball page. I showed Maisa the list of scores, and together we read every team name. It was fun for both of us.

The next goal is for her to memorize all the teams and which divisions they are in. 🙂

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A good weekend

Headed back to work and school today after a four-day weekend.

We capped the mini-vacation by watching the Dodgers beat the Giants last night. It was the first time in about nine years that my best buddy Al and I watched a full game together.

Yasiel Puig had three more hits including a homer in the first and the tiebreaking single in the eighth. Al was impressed.

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