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Just end it already

I loathe the St. Louis Cardinals, but they should have been credited with an eight-inning victory last night (make that, early this morning).

The Cardinals led the Royals 2-1 after eight innings. The Royals scored three runs in the top of the ninth before the rain started falling — hard.

Hours later, at 2 in the morning, the teams still were under a rain delay. The umps waited and waited and waited in order to avoid a controversy. Had they declared the game official, which they should have, Kansas City’s ninth-inning runs would have been taken off the board and the Cardinals would have been declared the winner.

The rules are there for a reason, and the rules say that if the field is unplayable for a long period of time, the umps can declare a game official anytime after four and a half innings (if the home team is trailing, the game would have to go at least five full innings to be considered complete).

Instead, the umps forced everyone to wait till the rain stopped so the game could go on. It finally ended, mercifully, at 3:14 a.m. Ridiculous, considering it could have been declared official at 11 p.m.

Yes, I understand why the umps did what they did. The Royals had lost a gazillion games in a row (sympathy factor), and the teams are not scheduled to face each other again in 2013 (no chance to continue a suspended game later).

But I don’t agree with the decision. In this situation, the Cardinals were right to lobby for an eight-inning called game. Not that they need another win, but they should have gotten one early this morning.

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Let’s get this show on the road

The city re-opened our street yesterday after about two months of construction.

Oh, there’s still some work to do (mostly re-sodding and such), but the workers are far enough along that cars are allowed on the road.

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Falling back into place

Jill and I went back to work yesterday after a nine-day break. We had a wonderful vacation visiting family, seeing the Dodgers and hosting our best friends at our house for a few days.

The Dodgers are getting settled, too, it appears. Monday’s come-from-behind victory was their best effort of the year. They won 8-7 after trailing 6-1 early.

Ryu pitched a two-hit shutout last night against the Angels. The Dodgers are actually playing better the last four or five series.


Spotted a Gil Hodges biography Monday afternoon at Barnes and Noble. I could see that being a good Christmas gift for someone. 😉

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42K per game

In an era when teams are building smaller ballparks that seat fewer than 40,000, the Dodgers are AVERAGING 42,803 fans per home game. That ranks No. 1 in all of Major League Baseball.

The miserable, underachieving Dodgers are averaging nearly 43,000 fans every night. Very impressive.

I don’t care what they say about Cardinal fans or Red Sox fans or whoever — Los Angeles baseball fans are among the very best (Dodgers No. 1, Angels No. 7 in home attendance).

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Dreaded Cardinals come to town

Hopefully St. Louis will fall victim to the Sports Illustrated jinx. The Redbirds are featured on the SI cover this week.

Maybe this is the series that the Dodgers really get it going. We’ll see.

Chris Capuano takes the mound tonight for the Dodgers. He was kind enough to toss a ball to our group on Wednesday in Milwaukee — after I told him my cousin’s son was attending his first major-league game. Young Eric went home with a ball and a big smile. Capuano has at least one fan for life. 🙂

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Uecker seats?

Jill found amazing seats for the Dodger games. This photo was taken Tuesday night from the ninth row behind home plate.


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Great trip to Milwaukee

Had a great time in Milwaukee with Jill and about eight other family members. Dodgers won one and lost one. Here is a photo of me and my uncle Hub, one of Iowa’s all-time great Dodger fans.


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