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Billingsley has never been a smart guy

Chad Billingsley sustained a partially torn elbow ligament late last season. Instead of doing the smart thing (have surgery), Bills gambled that some experimental therapy would fix it. Didn’t work.

Bills made two starts this year, injured the elbow worse, and now is headed for surgery. He’ll be out 12 months.

So instead of having the procedure last summer and being ready to pitch late this season (when he could have been useful in a pennant race), Bills will have surgery this week and be back next May.

He wasted the entire offseason when he could have been healing. Dumb.

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DH needed in National League

Did you see Kyle Lohse’s finger tonight? The Milwaukee pitcher got it all mangled while running the bases.

Lohse is just the latest National League pitcher to get hurt while doing something other than pitching. And it’s so avoidable — just put the dang designated hitter in both leagues already.

There’s been a lot of talk this season about the inevitability of the NL adding the DH. It can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

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Can Kempster keep it up?

Matt Kemp had three hits in today’s Dodger victory.

If he can get hot, we could string some wins together.

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From 7-4 to 7-10

The Dodgers have lost six in a row to fall three games under .500.

I always say I’ll take a .500 record in April, but at this rate it’s going to be tough to break even this month.

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Glass is half full

I probably should be hitting the panic button based on how the Dodgers have played the last week or so. Instead, I’m taking a glass-is-half-full approach.

  • Matt Kemp, our No. 3 batter, is a whiff machine so far this season. He strikes out at least twice a game, usually with runners in scoring position. My answer to that? He can’t get any worse, and he’s likely to get a lot better the more his surgically repaired shoulder heals..
  • Our second-best starting pitcher, Zack Greinke, is out for two months. Our star shortstop, is out till May. My answer to that? Getting them back will seem like a big midseason trade.
  • Our offense has been ridiculously incompetent with runners in scoring position (worst in the majors). Only the Marlins have scored fewer runs. My answer? It’s a small sample size, and those stats are likely to correct themselves over time. This team has too many good hitters to struggle all season long.
  • The Dodgers have the highest payroll in the majors, but have won seven games and lost eight. My answer? It’s amazing we’re only one game below .500!!! Once we start hitting the ball, the wins will come. (We will start hitting the ball, right?)


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I’m glad Mariano Rivera is retiring

Major League Baseball retired Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 several years ago to honor the man who endured so much in becoming the first black player in the big leagues.

The Yankees’ Mariano Rivera still wears No. 42 on a daily basis because he was an active player at the time of MLB’s decision to retire the number.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why Rivera hasn’t given up No. 42. You’d think he would see the wisdom of choosing another number as a show of respect for Robinson.

But no, Rivera continues to wear 42. I guess he thinks he’s a bigger deal than Jackie Robinson was.

Rivera’s decision to keep 42 just seems selfish to me. I’m glad he’s retiring at the end of the season.

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Movie day

Jill and I saw the film “42” today while Maisa went to the Hawkeye football practice with her uncle, aunt and cousin.

Jill and I wore Dodger shirts to the theater. We enjoyed the movie a lot.

I’m proud to be a Dodger fan. And proud to be a Jackie Robinson fan.

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