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Maisa got the first foul ball of today’s Iowa Cubs game


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Maisa and Cubbie Bear at today’s Iowa Cubs game


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Crazy like a fox

Maisa and I were riding home from the park yesterday — me on my bike, Maisa in her bike trailer — when I noticed a fox about 30 feet off the bike trail, drinking water from a stream.

I had never seen a fox up close like that, so I was somewhat startled and kicked the bicycle into high gear. I wanted to get out of there before Maisa noticed the fox and got scared.

But you just can’t get anything past that little girl. About five seconds later, Maisa said, “Daddy, I think I saw a real fox back there.”

I said, “You sure did. That’s why I’m riding so fast — to get away from him.”

Maisa spent the rest of the morning talking about that fox. 🙂


Somewhere in that big Dodger Stadium crowd last night, a little boy or girl was attending his or her first Dodger game. The experience was soured by four first-inning runs by Colorado and a final score of 12-2.

I hope Ted Lilly feels like crap today. His awful pitching sent some kid home crying. 😦

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Hit ’em where they are

The biggest change in Major League Baseball the last couple of years is defensive alignment.

It’s amazing to me how many lazy fly balls down the outfield lines are easily caught because left and right fielders are shaded near the chalk. It’s a big factor in the infield too.

Teams are becoming much more adept at putting their fielders in the right spot at the right time. Advance scouting and data analysis are making a huge difference.

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Appreciating Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw gave up two runs in five innings in his last outing, and it was universally considered a “bad outing” for him.

Do you realize how good you have to be for two runs in five innings to be considered a bad outing?

Kershaw is a stud. He goes against the Brewers today at Chavez Ravine.


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Golden era for baseball fans

I’m old enough now that I can marvel at today’s technology.

I don’t remember where I got the idea to put tin foil on an umbrella and hook it up to my radio antenna in order to pick up radio broadcasts from Cincinnati and St. Louis. I think Don Moonen, one of Farley’s biggest baseball fans, might have taught me that trick.

At any rate, I would do the umbrella thing a few times each summer when I was a kid in the hopes of picking up some of the Dodger games when they played the Reds or Cardinals. It was mostly crackle and static, but I could sort of follow along and that made it all worthwhile.

When the Dodgers’ West Coast games ended past the newspaper’s deadline, I would religiously call Citiline for the previous night’s baseball scores.

Yes, that’s how it was for a Dodgers fan living in Iowa — box scores in the newspaper, phone calls to hear recorded scores, and umbrella antennas to pick up bits and pieces of Jack Buck’s and Marty Brennaman’s play-by-play voices.

So humor me as I express my awe in today’s technology — I can watch the Dodgers on my TV, my computer, my Kindle tablet, or my iPhone. I have access to every game, every team, every night on TV or on my computer. (For a reasonable fee, I might add. Certainly cheaper than going to a sports bar to watch the games.)

Last night, before I went to sleep, I switched back and forth between two extra-inning games on the Coast (Angels-Rangers, D-backs-Giants) on my Kindle. I could have watched both at the same time if I wanted to, or one on my Kindle, one on my iPhone. The other day, we had to drive over to West Des Moines before the Dodger game was over — no problem, I simply turned on the Dodger broadcast on my iPhone as Jill drove our car down the road.

The possibilities these days are just endless.

I’ve heard that 1950s New York was the best time/place to be a baseball fan. But I’m starting to think that right now is the golden era for baseball fans.

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It’s kinda fun to have a winning streak, ya know?

Mark Ellis, the pride of Rapid City, S.D., hit two home runs tonight in Queensborough to lead the Dodgers to a 7-2 victory over the New York Mets.

Dodgers improve to 9-10.

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