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I don’t need any toys

I feel like I was kind of spoiled as a kid, but somewhere along the way Mom and Dad taught me that buying things and having things aren’t that important.

Learning to be satisfied with what I have was one of the best gifts Mom and Dad gave me. These days I don’t have any “toys” to speak of, and I’m the happiest guy in the world.

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Maisa isn’t buying it

There was some thunder Monday night in Ankeny.

“That means God is bowling,” Jill said to Maisa, “He just threw a strike.”

Maisa thought about it for a second.

“Are you sure, Mommy? Are you serious?”

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Good times in Grimes

We had a nice visit with friends Matt and Sara on Sunday in Grimes.

Great food, lively conversation and an exciting Hawkeye game on TV.

Maisa had an awesome time playing with Matt and Sara’s three little girls.


Jill and I are trying to tear through the first three seasons of ABC comedy “Modern Family.”

There are about 30 episodes per season, so it’s taking us a looooong time to get caught up. It’s a very funny show.

After nearly six years in this house, I finally found an easier way to switch from satellite to DVD in our master bedroom. 🙂 That should speed up the process of watching all the episodes because we like to watch a little TV before we fall asleep.

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Like daughter, like father, like Sharm

Maisa was the first in line to do high-fives with the other team after her basketball game yesterday.

It reminded me of my baseball days, when I made sure I was the first guy in the handshake line after games.

Why did I do that? To be like Farley Hawks player/manager Paul Scherrman, of course. Sharm was always the first to extend handshakes after Hawk games — win or lose. He was and still is a class act all the way around.

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Great win for my Bruins last night!

UCLA uses fast start to beat No. 6 Arizona 84-73

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20 years in the biz

In February 1993, I got my first newspaper job. That means next month marks my 20th anniversary in the business.

It’s been a labor of love for me. The skills and interests God gave me match up perfectly with the work I am required to do each day. The people in my business are smart, interesting and funny. And I thrive on the nightly deadline rush.

My worst days at the office are still pretty darn enjoyable. I am thankful to have had such a rewarding job all these years.

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A rough season for the Lake Show

My beloved Los Angeles Lakers are lousy this year. Can’t be great every season, I guess.

The best years to be a Laker fan were 1987 and 1988, when Magic Johnson was running the “Showtime” offense. Jack Nicholson said those fast-breaking, high-scoring Laker teams were the best entertainment money could buy.

Magic was the best point guard of all time, and the most unique basketball player ever. A 6-foot-9 ball-handling and passing whiz who could play all five positions with ease.

This picture of Magic hung on my bedroom wall when I was a kid. Click on image to enlarge…


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