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If 2012 is anything like 2009, there’s good reason to look for a party crowd

The 2009 Dodgers had a swagger to them, winning 44 of their first 67 games. That was the best regular-season Dodger team in my 28 years as a fan.

The 2012 Dodgers (42 wins in 67 games) are playing nearly as well as the team from three years ago. So let’s throw a party…

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Dad’s favorite things

I’m remembering my Dad as another Father’s Day came and went. Jill made this beautiful shadow box to honor Dad after he died. It contains symbols of all the things he cherished and enjoyed — family, church, country, peace, baseball, farming and gardening, newspapers, golf, playing cards and coffee.

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I love Don Mattingly

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was ejected from today’s game after vehemently arguing a blown call.

He’s a fiery manager, something I didn’t expect when the Dodgers hired him. And I think that’s exactly what this team needs.

I was a huge critic of the Dodgers’ decision to hire Mattingly. I thought it was a terrible move. I’m happy to report that I was dead wrong.

The Dodgers tied today’s game in the ninth inning and won it in the 10th. I had a good feeling after Donnie Baseball got tossed that the team might rally behind their exiled skipper. Turns out I was right for once.

Los Angeles improved to 42-25, still the major leagues’ best record.

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Sharm: A walking encyclopedia of baseball knowledge

I grew up idolizing Farley Hawks player/manager Paul Scherrman, and I gained newfound appreciation for him as I watched the Farley Tournament Thursday and Friday.

The Hawks looked exceptionally well-prepared and well-coached. The fielders were always in the right spot and made good decisions with the ball. Every batter came to the plate with a plan in mind.

For his part, Paul made all the right moves and seemed to know the other team’s signs almost as soon as the game started. I saw him call two pitch-outs, and the runner was going both times.

Paul has been playing and coaching baseball for 50 years or more. His experience certainly was evident in the games I saw this weekend.

Longtime Farley Hawks manager and Dubuque County Baseball Hall of Famer Paul Scherrman monitors the action from the third-base coaching box at Farley Park. “Sharm” played in the minor leagues once upon a time.

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A great weekend with family

Our family presented the second annual Leon Kramer Memorial Most Valuable Player Award on Friday night at the Farley Baseball Tournament.

Dubuque beat Farley 3-2 in the championship game. Kevin Carkeek had the game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth and he earned MVP honors.

Kevin is a young man from Chicago who now lives in Dubuque. He visited with the Kramers after the game. Seems like a good kid.


All of Dad’s brothers and sisters (and in-laws) showed up for the championship game. It was great to visit with all of them.

Afterward, we had some food and refreshments at Mom’s house.

As an added bonus, Uncle Hub and I got to watch the Dodgers beat the White Sox on Mom’s TV. It was nice to have everybody around as we celebrated the come-from-behind victory. 🙂


Mom treated everyone to lunch at Breitbach’s in Balltown on Friday. Breitbach’s is the oldest restaurant in the state of Iowa — it opened in 1852. The food and atmosphere are terrific.

Afterward we took some great pictures of the scenic Mississippi River Valley outside of Balltown (see photos below).

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Can you believe these photos were taken in Iowa?

Checking out the gorgeous Mississippi River Valley in Balltown, Iowa, on Friday.

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Maisa runs the bases at Farley Park

Maisa is wearing a white tank-top and blue jeans in these videos. She is the one running from home to third. (I still need to teach her the finer points of base-running).

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