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A toast to good times — past, present and future

With the Dodgers mired in their worst stretch of the season, it’s entirely appropriate to remember better days.

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A tale of two offenses

The Dodgers have scored 15 runs in their last 10 games.

The Mets scored 17 runs … yesterday.

The teams meet tonight in Los Angeles to kick off a four-game series. The Dodgers were outscored 13-0 by the Giants in a three-game series that ended yesterday.


With three days left in the month of June, I dedicate today’s high-five to former Dodger slugger Pedro “Pete” Guerrero.

Boy, could we use his bat right now.

Guerrero hit 15 home runs in June 1985, a record that stood until Sammy Sosa hit 20 in June 1998.

Yes, Sammy Strikeout holds the record, but Guerrero hit his home runs in an era when home runs were tough to come by. Especially in pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium.

Also, no one ever accused Pete Guerrero of using steroids.

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Maisa is sicker than the Dodgers — and that’s saying something

I’m at home today with a sick child, and a sick baseball team.

Maisa will be fine in a few days. I’m not so sure about the Dodgers, though.

Dem Bums have lost six of their last seven, including Monday’s 8-0 embarrassment to the Bay Area Giants.

Hoping for some solid offense tonight, and a Clayton Kershaw shutout.


I loved this Terry Cashman song when I was a kid, and I still love it.

Cashman made a terrible error by not mentioning Vin Scully in a song about broadcasters (that’s like John writing the gospel without mentioning that Christ guy).

Nevertheless, it’s a nice song and I hope you enjoy it.

That song takes me back to my boyhood days riding my bike around Farley on hot summer nights.

There was an older gentleman who always sat on his front porch listening to Jack Buck call the Cardinal games on the radio. That man died just last week, and his passing made me think of the song “Play by Play (I Saw It on the Radio).”

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Capuano to the rescue

The Dodgers are riding Chris Capuano as far as he’ll take them. I can’t believe I just typed those words.

The left-hander continued his shocking success story Saturday, beating the Angels 3-1. Capuano is 9-2 with a 2.60 ERA, with 84 strikeouts in 93 innings.

Baseball analysts keep saying the typically mediocre Capuano is certain to “regress to the mean,” and I’m sure that’s true. I just hope it doesn’t happen till next season. 🙂


After getting swept at Oakland, the Dodgers were in real danger of going 0-6 this week. So Saturday’s victory came as a huge relief to fans of Dem Bums.

If they win today, all the better — but I’m not holding my breath.

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Maisa’s favorite song … seriously!

Maisa is definitely my daughter. She asks to hear this Waylon Jennings classic every time we get into my car.

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Imagine if that was your first game

Somewhere in the sparse Oakland Coliseum crowd last night, there was a little boy or little girl watching his or her beloved Dodgers play for the first time.

That little kid felt anxiety and excitement as the Dodgers took the field. After all that waiting, the kid was able to see the Boys in Blue in person.

Then the Dodgers came out flat and sleepwalked to a 3-0 loss while accumulating just two hits against an awful Oakland team.

That child probably went home in tears. It’s a sad fact of life in baseball.

Even first-place teams have off nights. Nights when they’re never in the contest. I call them “throwaway” games, and they seem to happen about 10 times a year to even the greatest clubs.

Hopefully that kid’s parents bring him or her to tonight’s game, too, and hopefully the Dodgers actually show up this time.

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Tiny dancer

Maisa improvised a little dance today. Pretty good for having no formal training!

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