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‘I Can Still Make Cheyenne’

No one can sing a country song better than George Strait.

And no one can play country music better than his Ace in the Hole band.

George has so many great songs — nearly 60 of his singles have gone to No. 1 — that it’s easy to forget some of his classics. Whenever I hear “I Can Still Make Cheyenne,” I remember how much I love that song.


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Man, that HAS to hurt

After all these years, I finally know what my brother Wayne has been dealing with.

Wayne is just about the toughest guy I know (along with Lakers ironman Kobe Bryant). Wayne is a really hard worker who ends up with bruised and battered hands. Guys like him are what make America great.

Many times I’ve seen dark purple bruises under Wayne’s fingernails and thumbnails and thought, “How in the world does that happen? That has to hurt!”

Well, I got my answer this week. On Monday, I was taking down a cupboard in our garage, dropped the large block of wood on my hand, and ended up with — you guessed it — a dark purple bruise under my right thumbnail.

The pain wasn’t terrible at first, but it got worse and worse throughout the day. By Tuesday afternoon, the thumb was finally functional again.

So today’s tip of the cap goes to Wayne and all the other good folks who wear hard hats, safety glasses and steel toes to work every day.


Royce White of Iowa State announced yesterday that’s he going pro after his sophomore season. I don’t blame him — he’s more than ready for the NBA.

I would absolutely LOVE to see the Lakers draft White, but I doubt there is any chance he would last that long. The Lakers are likely to pick somewhere between 20 and 25 (assuming they even have a pick; they sometimes trade it away).

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Ignorance is truly bliss

I’m glad Maisa is eager to learn and I’m proud of her ability to pick up new skills.

Still, it’s nice to know I can still easily convince her that the TV doesn’t work simply by turning off the satellite receiver. 🙂

MAISA: “Daddy, can I watch cartoons?”

ME: “Uhhhh, I don’t think the TV is working right now, Maisa.”

(I quickly grab the remote and turn off the satellite; Maisa turns on the TV to find nothing but a blank screen.)

MAISA: “Oh. OK.”

(she quickly finds something more productive to do, like reading her books)


My NCAA Tournament bracket is in shambles. I had Missouri winning the NCAA title — but the the Tigers lost in the first round to a 15 seed.

My strategy of “make a bunch of dumb picks” hasn’t quite panned out.

Jill is still in the running for some money, though. I’m hoping she can win enough cash to recoup my losses.

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And so it ends …

I’m coming to the close of one of my most enjoyable weeks of vacation ever.

The best thing about it — I spent the whole week with family.

A couple days at Gramma K’s. A couple days at home. A couple days at Gramma and Grampa B’s farm. Lots of quality time with Jill and Maisa.

I’m thankful for such a great week.

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Vin Scully says goodbye to the Rocky Mountain High

Voice of the Dodgers Vin Scully, entering his 63rd season with the team, will not broadcast games in Colorado this season.

The Los Angeles Times published this story Saturday about the Greatest Broadcaster in Baseball History:

Vin Scully, entering his 63rd season as the Dodgers’ broadcaster, said he plans to ease his workload a bit more this year by no longer calling games in Colorado.

Scully, 84, will broadcast all home games and road games only in California and Arizona, which means he’ll still announce more than 100 games this season televised on Prime Ticket and KCAL Channel 9 in Southern California.

“No big, earth-shattering reason, just to cut back a little more on the traveling,” Scully told reporters Saturday night before calling the Dodgers’ Cactus League game against the San Francisco Giants at Camelback Ranch, his first visit to the Dodgers’ spring home this season.

The Hall of Fame announcer already had pared his travel schedule in recent years to the Dodgers’ 81 home games at Dodger Stadium and cities mostly west of the Rocky Mountains.

This year, he also plans to skip an interleague series the Dodgers play in Seattle against the Mariners on June 8-10.

“I remember telling [Dodgers owner] Frank McCourt years ago, I said, ‘Frank, I would like to disappear like the Cheshire Cat, all of a sudden the only thing left is his smile,’ ” Scully said. “So this is just another disappearing act.”

Eric Collins and Steve Lyons again will broadcast the Dodgers’ other road games that are not nationally televised.

Asked why he was announcing a couple of spring-training games, Scully said, “It’s as simple as this: The last baseball game I did was Sept. 28, and I thought, ‘My gosh, all these highly talented players, they have to come here and practice for a month to get ready. I want to do a couple of games just to kind of get the feel of them again. It’s batting practice for me.”

Scully also said he did not expect the Dodgers’ planned ownership change this year to affect the team’s performance.

“The things that happen in the front office, I don’t believe have any effect whatsoever on the players or on us,” he said. “It’s like on a ship. We’re down there shoveling coal and the big discussion is up on the bridge. I can’t see any change in ownership have any effect at all.”

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Another photo with Mr. Fluff

Jill, Maisa and I hang out with cousin Lexie and Mr. Fluff on Gramma and Grampa's patio.

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Fun at the farm

Maisa and Mr. Fluff at Gramma and Grampa's farm this weekend.

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