My first (official) year in the 13 pool

26 Mar

The check’s in the mail, and when Grampa B. opens the envelope, Jill and I will officially become co-owners of his “13 pool” team.

I’ve followed the 13s with interest in recent years, but never forked over the money needed to enter the league. This year, I broke down and made the investment.

Team Brinker-Kramer was assigned the Tampa Bay Rays in a random selection draft last week. So whenever the Rays score exactly 13 runs in a game, we win the jackpot.

That’s a pretty cool draft pick, actually, because the Rays are my favorite American League team to watch. Them and the Angels.


The Easter Bunny is going to bring Maisa a brand-new bicycle this year. (Shhhh! It’s a secret!) Can’t wait to see the look on her face.

Maisa was riding our neighbor girl’s bike on Saturday, and did a great job. After just a few minutes, Maisa was pedaling down the sidewalk like a veteran. So it’ll be nice for her to have a bike of her own.


One of our neighbors spent the winter snowbirding in Texas. Yesterday he brought over a bag full of Texas oranges and grapefruit. They are exceptionally tasty and juicy.

Maisa loves oranges, but I couldn’t talk her into trying the grapefruit this morning. She did enjoy the grapefruit juice I squeezed into her cup, however.

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