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Hellboy flirts with no-no

Jeremy Hellickson, one of my favorite baseball players, flirted with a no-hitter today.

The Des Moines native couldn’t quite pull it off, but he still earned the victory.

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Precision penmanship

Maisa brought home an impressive display of penmanship from daycare this week. The quality and precision of what she drew was so good, in fact, that Jill bought a fancy frame and hung it on our wall.

Maisa has really improved from the chicken scratches she was making just a few months ago.

Her teachers at daycare — or “school,” as we like to call it — had great things to say about our 34-month-old’s drawing ability. They said what she is doing is called “pre-writing.” And Maisa has used a proper grip on pens/colors/markers almost since she was old enough to pick them up.

So I’m guessing it won’t be long before Maisa is writing some or most of her letters — she already can tell you what most of them are. And she already draws the easier ones (such as M or O).

Very smart girl. I’m very proud. 🙂

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Feeling blue

My thoughts all day have been with the good people of Dubuque County, who are experiencing ridiculous amounts of rainfall.

It makes me very sad to think about my Mom and brothers having to deal with that stuff. 😦

I’m hoping and praying that things get back to normal for everyone soon.

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Dodgers’ bright spots: Kemp, Kershaw, Ethier and Jansen

A good L.A. Times blog post today about dominant Dodgers relief pitcher Kenley Jansen. Here’s an excerpt:

Jansen has been on an impressive roll ever since he came off the disabled list June 18 with an inflamed shoulder. Impressive, as in he hasn’t given up a single run.

Not in 16 innings over 14 games. During that period, opponents are batting .059 against him (3 for 51) with seven walks and 26 strikeouts. That means over half of his recorded outs have been strikeouts.


Update: The DodgerKramer jinx — Jansen spent last night in the hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

Nothing can go right for the Dodgers this year. Grrrr.

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Rasmus sounds like an OK guy

So let me get this straight — the Cardinals traded away Colby Rasmus because he couldn’t get along with manager Tony La Russa and hitting coach Mark McGwire.

My opinion of Rasmus has improved dramatically upon hearing these things. 🙂

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Hey, the Dodgers have won four straight!

The great Sandy Koufax held opponents to a .176 batting average at Dodger Stadium. That ranks No. 1 among pitchers with at least 20 career starts at Chavez Ravine.

Who ranks No. 2 on that list? Clayton Kershaw, who entered Tuesday night’s game with a .206 opponents’ batting average at Dodger Stadium.

That figure went up a few notches Tuesday, as the Rockies tallied eight hits against Kershaw. But the youngster’s effort was good enough to earn his 12th win.

The Dodgers have won four straight, and Kershaw is 12-4 with a 2.72 ERA. Another few exceptional outings, and people will start talking about Kershaw as an NL Cy Young contender.

In the “For What It’s Worth” department comes this factoid — the Dodgers have the longest current winning streak in the major leagues.


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Kershaw is a stud

Have you seen Clayton Kershaw’s stats lately?

167 strikeouts in 145 innings. 11 wins, four losses for a terrible team. An ERA of 2.77.

You just don’t see that type of strikeout-per-inning ratio from starting pitchers very often. Kershaw’s repertoire is explosive and electric. The guy is nasty.

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