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It’s hard to be a man sometimes

Sometimes being a man means you have to tackle complicated maintenance projects.

Sometimes being a man means you have to act like a “tough guy” to protect the best interests of your family.

I’m not good at either of those things. I’ll never resemble a handyman, and I hate to pick a verbal fight.

Yesterday I tried to be tough with someone I had recently done business with. I felt he had done a less-than-stellar job. He basically laughed it off and threw the tough-guy act right back in my face. It was a pathetic example of backfiring. Hahaha.

And now I’m trying to feel my way around a minor home-repair situation. I feel helpless, to put it mildly. The guys I’m working with seem competent, though, so hopefully it’ll all work out.

I’m reminded every day that the things I know a lot about — my job, baseball, politics, Southern California, history, showbiz — don’t give me much of an advantage in the real world of owning a home and managing my life.


Reds beat the Dodgers last night at Chavez Ravine. Kershaw on the mound tonight for the Dodgers.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp, you might want to start. He’s quite possibly the best offensive player in the major leagues this season.

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Coors chaos

The Dodgers and Rockies played some ridiculous baseball over the last four days in Denver. Scores were 9-7, 6-5, 11-7 and 10-8.

Typical Coors Field games. Lots of runs, lots of hits, lots of worn-out pitchers.

The Dodgers won the final two games of the series to salvage a split.


Watched some of the Twins game this afternoon as I recuperate from a nasty sinus infection. Francisco Liriano flirted with a no-hitter, which would have been his second of the season.

Good to see the Twins playing well again. I believe they have won nine of their last 12 games.


Kudos to the Brewers, who have played lights-out baseball the last month or so. The Crew swept the Cardinals this weekend to take over first place in the NL Central. Woo-hoo!

Any day the Cardinals are not in first place is a good day. 🙂

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There are bad weeks, and then there are weeks with escrow shortages, bad colds and hail damage.

Talk about a triple whammy. Good grief.

It’s times like this that I need to find some perspective. My family is more or less healthy. We’re more or less paying our bills. We have jobs.

Things will get better, right?

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And just when you think you’re starting to get on top of things …

… you get an unexpected bill in the mail.

Didn’t see that one coming.



Reporters can always count on grumpy old men to give a good quote for a heat wave story:

“I’m staying in my house. I’m going to watch TV and have a cold beer,” said 84-year-old Harvey Milliman of Manchester, N.J. “You got a better idea than that, I’d love to hear it.”


Sean Keeler writes about Iowans Jeremy Hellickson and Joel Hanrahan in today’s Register. Both pitchers have a shot to make the All-Star Game.


Cole Hamels owns the Dodgers. Simple as that. Last night the Phillies beat us 2-0 as Hamels spun another gem.

I believe Hamels is 8-0 against the Dodgers with an ERA less than 1.00.

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Visitors from Farley

Nice of brother Wayne and family to stop by the house this afternoon. Travis was playing tennis in Des Moines. Look forward to seeing them again soon.


Got the pool equipment hooked up today. Also vacuumed most of the junk on the floor of the pool. Just a few more days and we will be swimming.


Yanks-Red Sox on the tube tonight. I have a date with the couch and the remote.

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Farley Semi-Pro Baseball Tournament pairings (click on image to enlarge)

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Six of nine … you gotta start somewhere

Don’t look now, but the Dodgers have won their last three series — two of three vs. Colorado, two of three vs. Florida and two of three vs. Cincinnati.

Now the real test: at Philadelphia. The Phillies are the best team in the major leagues. A series victory there would be a big accomplishment for this Dodger team.


You could easily argue that the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp has been the National League’s best all-around offensive player of 2011. If you don’t believe me, check out his numbers.

And those numbers were before his big game Sunday.

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