It’s been a tough summer, with some good times

25 Jun

First Maisa got really sick. Then Daddy got really sick. Then we had a home repair issue. Then we had another home repair issue. Now Daddy is sick again.

Mixed into that challenging month has been a wonderful weekend with all the Kramers in Farley, and now we’re starting a wonderful weekend with our best friends from out of town.

I guess the bad times exist to help us appreciate the good times.


I’m not a guy who has a million friends. Some people just have a knack for meeting and greeting and attaining new friends. I’m not that kind of person. I prefer to have a small group of very close friends.

But I do have a big family and a big extended family of in-laws. And during tough, challenging situations, there’s no substitute for family.

We had amazing help this week, including my brother, Jill’s brother and his wife and their son, and Jill’s parents. My Mom and brother even prayed the rosary for us. We would have been sunk without all their contributions.

A very heartfelt “thank you” goes out to everyone who pitched in during our time of need. 🙂

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