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What the heck are they thinking?

Dodger fans worldwide are scratching their heads over the signing of Juan Uribe to a 3-year, $21 million contract on Monday.

I have no idea why the Dodgers thought this move was necessary. General manager Ned Colletti apparently had $21 million just burning a hole in his pocket.

Uribe had a decent year for the Giants in 2010, but he’s still a below-average ballplayer, as Jon Weisman of the Dodger Thoughts blog so eloquently explained.

Seems like the Dodgers could have found better ways to spend that money. Plant more palm trees. Buy more earth-toned suits for Vin Scully. Send Rick Monday to broadcasting school. Something.

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‘Steeeee-riiiike three-hee-hee-heee!!!’

Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen, author of one of the funniest scenes in Hollywood film history (filmed at Dodger Stadium, interestingly)…

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Welcome to winter!

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Let’s read about princesses

"Today we're going to read about princesses -- Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella ... and Maisa."

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Doesn’t take much to get me going

Why do baseball teams have such a hold on their fans?

All the Dodgers have to do is make a couple relatively insignificant moves, and I go running back into their arms. As if the ugly 2010 season never happened.

Bad metaphors aside, the moves were actually significant. Retaining pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, signing pitcher Jon Garland and hiring Davey Lopes and Tim Wallach as base coaches were smart decisions by GM Ned Colletti.

It’s not even December yet, and the Dodgers have their starting rotation set with five successful veterans. Few teams will be able to march out five starters better than the Dodgers’ group.

Garland will join Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, Kuroda and Ted Lilly in the Dodgers’ 2011 starting rotation that will boast five pitchers who each won 10 or more games last season.

According to Those five pitchers’ cumulative 2010 ERA of 3.39 (371 ER/986.0 IP) and .234 opponents’ batting average (857-for-3663) would have led all Major League starting rotations and their combined 844 strikeouts would have ranked third.

Getting Lopes back into the loop is a no-brainer. Having him around has the potential to make Matt Kemp better, and the Dodgers will no doubt become a better base running team with Lopes calling the shots.

Wallach had a successful run as the Dodgers’ triple-A manager in Albuquerque. He was an all-star third baseman for Montreal and the Dodgers back in the day, and a respected baseball man. Many Dodger fans would have preferred to have Wallach take over as manager instead of Don Mattingly, but that’s water under the bridge and we’re glad that Wallach agreed to stick with the organization.

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Iowa football season goes down in flames

Iowa’s disastrous 2010 regular season concluded Saturday with an embarrassing loss at Minnesota. A top-10 team with national title dreams in September, the Hawkeyes will enter the postseason out of the Top 25.

Anyone who saw Iowa play against Indiana and Northwestern had to figure that the Minnesota game would be a dogfight, despite the fact that Iowa was a two-touchdown favorite.

Maybe this Hawkeye team just wasn’t as good as everyone thought. Maybe they just didn’t get any breaks (whereas they got ALL the breaks in 2009). Who knows?

Whatever the case, 2010 will go down as one of the most disappointing years in Iowa football history.

A few lasting images that I have of the 2010 Hawkeyes:

  • Defensive linemen running all-out after the opponent’s quarterback, trying in vain to catch him before he made a big play with his feet or his arm. Iowa’s linemen just always seemed to be a step too slow.
  • Ricky Stanzi passing for one- or two-yard gains — or, more often, those passes being dropped by surprised receivers. Those short, worthless passes had radio analyst Ed Podolak pulling out his hair toward the end of the season. “I just don’t get that throw,” Podolak was heard saying more than once. 
  • Offensive and defensive breakdowns late in halves. Neither unit proved capable of getting the job done inside of 2 minutes.


Meanwhile, Fred Hoiberg has his Iowa State men’s basketball team rolling. The Cyclones are 6-0 and blowing out everyone they face.

It’s a looooooooong season, but you have to feel good about Fred taking over at Iowa State. Even the most ardent Hawkeye fan would have to admit that the Cyclones are on the right track.

I think Iowa State has a chance to be really, really good over the next five or 10 years.

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At the movies

Jill and I saw “The Next Three Days” in the theater this week.

It’s a pretty darn entertaining film, in an edge-of-your-seat sort of way. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are the co-stars.

It’s worth the price of admission — but be ready for 133 minutes in the theater.

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