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What a Saturday!

It’s hard to beat late October if you are a sports fan. World Series, NBA, college football, NFL — there is so much going on.

Today was special. Iowa posted one of its all-time masterpieces, beating No. 5 Michigan State by 31 points. Iowa State continued its charge toward bowl eligibility with a terrific victory over Kansas. And Texas made the World Series a series with a Game 3 victory over San Francisco.

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Tiny Bubbles

Dad always liked to sing this tune, especially when I was a little boy …

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Party time for Maisa

Maisa is excited about going to daycare today.

Why? Because they are having a Halloween costume party.

Maisa will be a bumblebee today, and a ladybug when she goes trick-or-treating this weekend.

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Iowa could finish 8-4 — or 7-5

I’m just saying, it’s possible.

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Big, BIG win for Iowa State

Iowa State won 28-21 at No. 22 Texas on Saturday, a seemingly impossible achievement that no one would have predicted.

Great job by the Cyclones, who need two more wins to become bowl-eligible. Looks like a foregone conclusion at this point. ūüôā


Iowa was not as fortunate. Many fans felt the Hawkeyes were outcoached in a 31-30 home loss to Wisconsin. The big play was a fake punt that caught Iowa completely off-guard.


The Giants ended the Phillies’ two-year reign as NL champions, taking Game 6 of the NLCS on Saturday.

I’ll be cheering HARD for the Rangers in the World Series.

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Yankees lose! Yankees lose!

Texas eliminated the New York Yankees tonight.


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No match for No. 1

UCLA is getting destroyed by No. 1 Oregon. It’s 53-6 as I type this. Ouch.

I thought that might be a good game. I was wrong.


The Giants didn’t have much luck against the Phillies’ No. 1 pitcher, Roy Halladay. He pitched well enough to beat Frisco 4-2 tonight, sending the NLCS back to Philly.

I think the Phillies will win the LCS now. Just a hunch.


Got my flu shot today. Did you get yours yet? Don’t forget!


I haven’t written much about the Dodgers lately — why would I? — but I noticed they signed pitcher Ted Lilly to a three-year deal. (Truth be told, my Uncle Hub, a great Dodger fan, had to¬†inform me¬†of the Lilly signing. I need to pay closer attention to my team, apparently.).

Lilly is a fine No. 3 starter, provided he stays healthy. Now L.A. just needs to find two more starters to fill out the rotation.


I had a weird feeling during tonight’s Phillies¬†game that the Dodgers would splurge and sign Jayson Werth to a big contract this offseason.

Probably won’t happen, but a guy can dream, right?

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