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I almost forgot

Shame on me for not mentioning Hiroki Kuroda’s no-hit bid Monday night.

Kuroda brought a no-hitter into the eighth inning against the mighty Phillies before Shane Victorino broke it up. The Dodgers won 3-0.

Kuroda is a free agent after this season. Some team is going to throw a boatload of money at him.

He’s a pretty good pitcher, but he won’t deserve the massive contract that he gets. But hey, more power to him.

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This guy should win the NL Cy Young

Check out his stats

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Woo-hoo! We have air conditioning!

Wow, I feel like I’m living a life of luxury now that our AC is fixed. It’s funny how we take things for granted. What did people do before AC was invented?


Good luck to Manny Ramirez as he joins the White Sox.  I’ll always have great memories of what he brought to the Dodgers in 2008-09 — namely, our first back-to-back division titles since 1977-78.

Manny taught some of our good, young players how to hit, and how to win. It was a great time to be a Dodger fan.

Like many who come to Hollywood, Manny’s star shone brightly and burned out quickly.


St. Louis is reeling and Cincinnati has taken advantage. The Reds now have a six-game lead in the NL Central.

I just feel awful for the Cardinals and the Busch Stadium faithful. 😉

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At least the ER had air conditioning

Our air conditioner quit working on Saturday, and we can’t get anyone to fix it till Tuesday morning.

So we’ve postponed all hot, sweaty chores till Tuesday afternoon.

Shoot, it’s too hot to fold clothes or make the beds. So those jobs will have to wait.


To make matters worse, Maisa fell and cut her forehead Sunday afternoon.

We took her to the kids’ ER, where they gave her four stitches.

She got through the whole ordeal very well. She didn’t cry or squirm at all when they did the stitching.

We all slept in the sun room last night because that area has a separate air conditioning unit.


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Oh, you tease!

The Dodgers won four in a row to get within four games of the wild card lead.

Then they lost to Colorado — the team directly in front of them in the wild card standings — on Saturday evening in Denver.

So, are we Dodger fans being teased into thinking we have a chance to get back in the playoff chase? Or do we really have a shot?

We’ll know for sure on Sept. 8 — if not before then. That’s the day the Dodgers wrap up a stretch against pennant contenders Colorado, Philly, Frisco and San Diego.

If the Dodgers somehow win eight or nine of their next 10 games, we’ll be right in the thick of things. Anything less than that, though, probably signals the end of the line for 2010.

It’s not like the Dodgers are incapable of putting together a significant string of success. The longest winning streak by a National League team this season is nine games — Atlanta did it and, you guessed it, so did Los Angeles.

Of course, that was in May.

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This song cracks me up

Every time I hear this Blake Shelton song, I laugh my butt off.

Here’s the video.


I watched the Cardinals lose and the Twins and White Sox win tonight.

St. Louis lost at Washington. The Cardinals blew a two-run lead in the ninth inning before eventually losing in 13 innings. 

The Cardinals are not playing well. Unfortunately for them, they don’t play the Dodgers again this year. Hahaha.

Pujols and Holliday were injured in tonight’s St. Louis game. Will be interesting to see how much time they’ll be forced to miss, if any.

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The best college football coverage on the web

Should be an interesting season for the Iowa and Iowa State football teams. Both squads have great coaching staffs and are headed in the right direction.

I’m really looking forward to Saturdays in front of my TV watching the Hawkeyes and Cyclones (and USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins). is new and improved. Check it out. It’s your best bet for University of Iowa sports coverage. is your home for the best Iowa State sports coverage. Click here to get there.

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