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Crayola 64

Jill found a sale on Crayola products — two for the price of one.

I told her to get Maisa a box of 64 crayons. So now we have two boxes of 64 — one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

It pleases me greatly to see Maisa draw and color. Knowing that she is creating something, however small and abstract, gives me a tremendous amount of happiness. She puts so much effort and toil into those pictures. ūüôā

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Drifting toward irrelevance

The Dodgers have lost three straight games. If they’re not careful, they’re going to end up completely out of the wild-card hunt.

The Dodgers trail the Giants by 4.5 games in the wild-card standings. But hey, if we can beat them today and Sunday, the spread will be just 2.5 games.

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What the Dodgers have become

Lots of big trades over the last couple days. The biggest deal the Dodgers could pull off was acquiring Scott Podsednik.

Just how are the Phillies able to trade for Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt in the course of 12 months? How much money does that team have? How many prospects do they have for trade bait? Gee whiz!

Don’t get me wrong — the Dodgers have been players leading up to the trade deadline the last few years. General manager Ned Colletti¬†has made his share of good deals, acquiring¬†impact players such as¬†Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddux, Casey Blake and George Sherrill.

This year, though, the Dodgers’ owners are tied up in divorce court and our chances of landing a big-time player are remote.


Until recently, I’ve been a big supporter of Frank and Jamie McCourt. After all, the Dodgers have advanced to the playoffs in four of the six seasons¬†the McCourts have¬†owned the team.

After going through the drought of 1997-2003, all those playoff games have meant a lot to Dodger fans.

But what bugs me about the McCourts is the nasty crap coming out of the legal proceedings. The lavish spending sprees. The dozens of high-priced homes. The hiring of a voodoo doctor to improve the team’s fortunes. The inflated attendance numbers.


It must be great to be a Phillies fan these days. Their ownership and management is seriously committed to winning.

The Dodgers are committed to winning, too, of course. The difference is that Philly is able to put its money where its mouth is.

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Dodgers acquire Scotty Pods

My Dad is pretty fired up about the Dodgers’ trade to acquire Scott Podsednik from Kansas City on Wednesday.

“I’ve always thought he’s a pretty good ballplayer,” Dad,¬†a Cubs fan,¬†said today.

Sounds good to me. If Dad likes him, I like him.

We could have used Scotty Pods last night. The Dodgers fell to San Diego 6-1.


Dad said the Farley Hawks lost to Rickardsville last night in the Cascade Tournament. 5 to 3, bad guys.

The Hawks beat Rickardsville¬†12-4 the night before in a league game. But the A’s countered last night with their top pitcher, Tim Felderman.

“I knew right away when I heard he was pitching that Farley was in trouble,” Dad said.

Hawks manager Paul Scherrman had missed a few games. Son Mike apparently runs the team when Paul is absent. Mike learned from the best.

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Perusing the box scores…

A quick look at Tuesday’s baseball action, courtesy of the baseball page

  • My kingdom for a two-run double!!!¬†The Chicago White Sox scored 11 runs last night — two more and Grampa¬†Carrots would have won¬†his 13 Pool. Shooooot!
  • King Carl: Carl Pavano is a¬†great story for the Twins. The guy is¬†13-6 now! Minnesota has scored something like 30 runs the last two games.
  • An ERA of 0.21: Dodger starting pitchers have allowed one earned run in their past 43 innings. Wow!
  • Ace of the Cards: Someone beat St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright last night. The Mets let him up for six runs in five innings.
  • Buyers and sellers: The Angels can’t¬†buy a win against¬†the Red Sox. The Rockies just can’t buy a win against anyone lately.
  • Colvin’s a keeper: I listened to the Cubs game on the radio as we drove home last night. A pitchers’ duel became a rout when Houston scored six times in the seventh. The Cubs seem to have found a young outfielder for the future (and present) in Tyler Colvin. He hit his 16th home run last night.
  • The 30-30 Club: Jose Bautista of Toronto hit his 30th homer last night. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, er, San Francisco Giants earned his 30th save.
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Sick and tired of being sick and tired

We had a nice, two-day visit to Jill’s parents’ house except for one thing — we all got sick.

Well, most of us got sick, anyway. Grampa Clarence and Maisa so far have eluded whatever bug the rest of us picked up.

Jill, Gramma and I were pretty miserable yesterday. I’m feeling better now and I think Jill has taken a step forward. Hopefully Gramma will get back to normal today — and hopefully Maisa¬†and Grampa will get lucky and miss out on what we had.


Andre Ethier’s pinch-hit, two-run single gave the Dodgers a 2-0 win at San Diego on Tuesday.

Chad Billingsley went six scoreless innings, and Jon Broxton earned his 20th save in 23 chances.

The real pitching star, though, was Hong-Chih Kuo. He fanned five batters in two innings of work, lowering his ERA to 0.79.

Simply put, Kuo is the most dominant setup man in the majors. Opponents are hitting .127 against him this year (15 hits in 118 at-bats).


Maisa had a fun time at the farm. She got lots of tractor rides from Grampa, played with all of her Mom’s old toys, and ran through a water sprinkler on a hot day.

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Two innings, four strikeouts, no base runners

Kenley Jansen has made quite a first impression on Dodger fans.

The young fireballer has faced six batters in two innings, retiring all of them with ease. Jansen struck out four of the six hitters.

On Sunday, he earned the save in a 1-0 Dodger victory over the Mets. Jonathan Broxton, the Dodgers’ regular closer, was given the day off after pitching two innings on Saturday.

Jansen has given Dodger fans reason for optimism. Our bullpen has struggled in recent weeks, so¬†we’re hoping he can give the team a shot in the arm.

Relief pitchers are hard to predict, though. Perhaps Jansen has already peaked and he’ll go downhill from here. We’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Clayton Kershaw earned the victory Sunday, pitching eight scoreless innings.

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