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A happy holiday for the Dodgerkramers

Jill, Maisa and I visited Grampa and Gramma B. on Sunday and today.

We had a very enjoyable time out on the farm — riding the lawn tractor, playing with a ball, eating steak and seafood, and going to friend Marcos’ farm.

Papa and Nana were at our house last week, helping us build shelves in our garage. They turned out really nice and created a ton of space for us.

Mr. B helped me open the pool before he left. Now the water is in the process of being cleaned (it needs to run through the sand filter for about a week before it’s ready for swimming).


Sure wish the Dodgers were playing the Phillies now instead of whenever the two teams are scheduled to meet.

Who knew Philly would go into this kind of offensive slump? I heard they have scored nine runs in their last 10 games. With that lineup? Absolutely astounding.

It won’t last, though. I’m sure Philly will be back to scoring 6, 7, 8 runs a game by the time they play Los Angeles.


Colorado’s Ubaldo Jimenez vs. the crappy Giants lineup. It’s almost unfair.

I caught the end of that game today on MLB Network. Rockies 4, Giants 0.

Jim Tracy let Ubaldo throw around 130 pitches. Just keep on doin’ that, Trace. He’ll never hurt his arm. 😉


Quick update on my teams…

  • After losing two of three to the Cubs, the Dodgers went to Denver and beat the Rockies two out of three. Clayton Kershaw picked up the victory Sunday, but the star of the game was the bullpen, with one unearned run in four innings.
  • The Lakers scored a surprising Game 6 win at Phoenix to advance to the NBA Finals. That makes three consecutive NBA Finals appearances for the Lake Show.
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City mouse, country mouse

Maisa and I had a nice stroll through the neighborhood this morning.

I pushed her in her stroller, and she didn’t make a peep for the entire 45-minute ride. Must have enjoyed it.

I like our neighborhood, but I have to admit that the older I get, the more I long for a more rural setting. Living in the city can make you feel a little confined, even trapped, from time to time.

For example, I just opened my pool and have some pool equipment setting in the backyard. It’ll be there till I get time to put it away. If I lived in the country, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. But living in town, I wonder what the neighbors think of my small mess.

The traffic in front of our house also bugs me. It’s really not that bad, but it’s busy enough that I have to be constantly vigilant about how close Maisa gets to the street.

Maybe it’s a good thing in that it forces me to pay attention. If there was only an occasional car driving by, I might be lulled into a false sense of security.

Someday when my ship comes in, I’m going to buy a small acreage like the one Uncle Hub owns. But only if it has a convenience store and supermarket nearby. 🙂

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Cool comeback at Coors

The Dodgers had a nice, come-from-behind victory Friday at Coors Field in Denver.

Colorado led 4-0 before Los Angeles scored one run in the fifth inning and four more in the sixth. That was it — 5-4 Dodgers.

Matt Kemp and Manny Ramirez homered for the Dodgers, who climbed within one game of first place in the NL West.


The Lakers play Game 6 at Phoenix tonight. Look for the Suns to win big, and gain a lot of momentum for Game 7 at L.A.


A shout-out to all you hockey fans out there — enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals.

I’ve watched more playoff hockey this year than ever before. Not sure why that is. I guess having the Chicago Blackhawks make a strong run makes it more interesting for me.

I’ll be rooting for the Hawks to beat Philly in the Finals.

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Two shutouts in three days

The Chicago Cubs have pretty darn good starting pitchers, as evidenced by their series victory over the Dodgers this week.

The Cubs blanked the Dodgers on Tuesday (3 to zip) and today (1 to zip). Ryan Dempster started Tuesday, Ted Lilly today. Carlos Marmol pitched the ninth inning of both games, and he’s downright unhittable this year.

The Dodgers’ inability to score today spoiled another great outing by rookie John Ely, who looks more and more like the “real thing” each time he takes the mound. The Dodgers might have found a diamond in the rough with Ely. I sure hope so.

Now it’s on to Colorado for three games. Andre Ethier might be available for the Sunday game. We certainly could use his bat.

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Rubber match today

The Dodgers evened their series with the Cubs on Wednesday, winning 8-5.

Casey Blake, Matt Kemp and James Loney provided the offensive production. The most memorable moment of the game was when the lights went out at Wrigley Field, causing an 18-minute delay.

The teams will play the rubber game at 1:20 today at Wrigley Field.

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Maisa’s new friend

Maisa is not sure what to think about this cat.

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Jill, Maisa and I had a nice dinner with our friends Kevin and Sheila tonight. We went to a place called “34’s Sports Bar and Grill.”

I couldn’t figure out the significance of “34” until I saw the jerseys on the wall — Walter Payton and Kerry Wood.

OK, Walter Payton is understandable. But Kerry Wood? Who names their restaurant in honor of Kerry Wood? The guy struck out 20 batters when he was a rookie, and his arm never recovered.

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