March 29 random thoughts

29 Mar
  • Sunday was a great family day for the Kramer family. We grilled burgers outside, took Maisa to an Easter Egg Hunt, visited uncle Steve’s family, went to Target, played in the sun room for the first time this year, and capped the day with some ice cream. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Maisa is 18 months old now. Guess who’s getting some shots today!
  • I’m reading a great book right now — “When the Game Was Ours” with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I’m really, really enjoying every page.
  • Supposed to be 77 degrees on Thursday! I might be able to jog outside one of these days (I can’t run outside if there’s even the slightest chill in the air).
  • There were two ducks — one male, one female — floating in the water on top of our pool cover Sunday. Maisa thought that was pretty darn funny, until they flew away. That made her cry.
  • The neighbors have a new dog. Maisa thinks he is pretty cool. Daddy thinks the dog is cool because it doesn’t bark much.
  • The Lakers were embarrassed Friday at Oklahoma City, but rebounded nicely with a win at Houston on Saturday. I predict Oklahoma City will win a championship within five years.
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