To nap, or not to nap

24 Mar

One of the biggest decisions I face each day is whether to take a nap when Maisa goes down.

When she’s awake, I try to play with her as much as possible. So I don’t get a lot of “me” things done.

So when Maisa takes a nap, it’s an opportunity for me to get things done. Paying bills, reading the newspaper or a book, catching up on the Dodgers online, etc.

But if I don’t take a nap when Maisa sleeps, I don’t get enough rest during the day. I’m averaging about 5 or 6 hours of sleep these days.

Hmmmmm. See my dilemma?

I also face a daily dilemma regarding how to fit in a shower. I never¬†realized how difficult it would be to take a shower with a baby in the house. But that’s an issue for another day…

The important thing is, Maisa gets a bath every single day. I’m just a little jealous.

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