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Spring is here

The Dodgers open the 2010 season Monday at Pittsburgh. That’s five days away, if my math is correct.

I’m slowly getting excited about the season, even though I won’t see many Dodger games this year. I’m looking forward to being more of an “average fan.”

I think I’ll probably catch a lot of Cubs games this season, since we get them free on our regular satellite package. And I’ll probably watch more ESPN and TBS and MLB Network games, just whichever teams happen to be broadcast.


Today’s weather in Ankeny was gorgeous — if you didn’t get blown away by the wind.

Maisa and I had a lot of fun outside enjoying the weather. Heck, she even walked halfway around the block with me (after she grew tired of sitting in the stroller).

And we’ve spent a lot of quality time playing together in the sun room. The last few days have just been wonderful all the way around.

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March 29 random thoughts

  • Sunday was a great family day for the Kramer family. We grilled burgers outside, took Maisa to an Easter Egg Hunt, visited uncle Steve’s family, went to Target, played in the sun room for the first time this year, and capped the day with some ice cream. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Maisa is 18 months old now. Guess who’s getting some shots today!
  • I’m reading a great book right now — “When the Game Was Ours” with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I’m really, really enjoying every page.
  • Supposed to be 77 degrees on Thursday! I might be able to jog outside one of these days (I can’t run outside if there’s even the slightest chill in the air).
  • There were two ducks — one male, one female — floating in the water on top of our pool cover Sunday. Maisa thought that was pretty darn funny, until they flew away. That made her cry.
  • The neighbors have a new dog. Maisa thinks he is pretty cool. Daddy thinks the dog is cool because it doesn’t bark much.
  • The Lakers were embarrassed Friday at Oklahoma City, but rebounded nicely with a win at Houston on Saturday. I predict Oklahoma City will win a championship within five years.
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Easter fun III

Maisa ran into the Easter Bunny again -- this time at Bass Pro Shops.

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Easter fun II

Maisa grabbed five eggs at the Ankeny Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt! Daddy was very proud of her.

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Easter fun

Maisa meets the Easter Bunny at Valley West Mall.

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March 26 random thoughts

  • Good buddy Mark stopped by last night to watch NCAA hoops. We had a nice visit and enjoyed some great basketball. The K-State/Xavier game was a classic.
  • Bought Maisa a potty chair yesterday. I predict she’ll figure out the process very quickly. She’s so smart.
  • Someone stole our bird feeder from the front yard. Can you believe that? Probably some meddling kids.
  • Maisa met the Easter Bunny yesterday, and took a ride on his Easter train. Very exciting! I’ll try to post some pictures in the next day or two.
  • UNI men play in the Sweet 16 tonight. 8:30 Central on CBS.
  • The Dodgers named Vicente Padilla as their Opening Day starter. Very curious decision, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much. It’s just one game out of 162.
  • The Lakers are hot again, winning six straight games. Hoping to get a healthy Andrew Bynum back soon.
  • The weather has been gorgeous lately. A little on the chilly side, but overall very nice. We’ve been able to take Maisa on several stroller rides. She loves the dogs of the neighborhood. “Woof, woof!”
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To nap, or not to nap

One of the biggest decisions I face each day is whether to take a nap when Maisa goes down.

When she’s awake, I try to play with her as much as possible. So I don’t get a lot of “me” things done.

So when Maisa takes a nap, it’s an opportunity for me to get things done. Paying bills, reading the newspaper or a book, catching up on the Dodgers online, etc.

But if I don’t take a nap when Maisa sleeps, I don’t get enough rest during the day. I’m averaging about 5 or 6 hours of sleep these days.

Hmmmmm. See my dilemma?

I also face a daily dilemma regarding how to fit in a shower. I never realized how difficult it would be to take a shower with a baby in the house. But that’s an issue for another day…

The important thing is, Maisa gets a bath every single day. I’m just a little jealous.

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