Where will Manny be in 2011?

22 Feb

Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez told reporters that he doesn’t expect to be a Dodger after 2010.

Well … duh.

Here’s what we know about Manny:

  • When he was on steroids, he was one of the best hitters in baseball history. Without the ‘roids, he’s still a very formidable offensive presence.
  • There have been rumors about the condition of his knees for years now. Playing left field every day does not do those knees any favors.
  • When he returned from suspension last year, he wasn’t the same old Manny — physically or psychologically. He just didn’t seem as enthused about playing baseball as he was before the suspension.
  • He probably won’t play for less than $10 million in 2011, and the Dodgers aren’t interested in paying that kind of money for a 39-year-old guy with bad knees.

Knowing all that we know about Manny, wouldn’t it be logical for him to either …

 a) find a job in the American League in 2011, where he could DH every day and rest those knees?


b) retire?

Baseball writers are going nuts over Manny’s proclamation because they’re already sick of writing the same, old, tired Spring Training features about guys being optimistic for the upcoming season.

But the fact is, Manny’s statements today weren’t very newsworthy.

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