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Gramma and Grampa K. come for a visit

Maisa enjoyed seeing her Gramma and Grampa Kramer this weekend. We had a great weekend visiting with them.

My weeklong vacation is about to end. I achieved my goal of spending a lot of time with Maisa.

Jill and I had friends over Tuesday night. We went to a movie Thursday (by the way, “Shutter Island” is awful). Friday and Saturday were spent with Gramma and Grampa, and today we attended a baby shower downtown.

All in all, a nice, relaxing week. Tonight I get back to my diet routine.

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Both leagues should use the designated hitter

I’ve been preaching this for years, mostly because I feel it’s a shame when good pitchers get injured while batting or running the bases.

I found another reason to believe today when I read Jon Weisman’s Dodger Thoughts blog …

From 1962 to 1966, Sandy Koufax pitched 1,377 innings with a 1.95 ERA and 1,444 strikeouts. He started 176 games and completed 100. But he said that the cascade of arm trouble that would ultimately end his career at age 30 originated not on the mound, but as a baserunner, when he landed on his elbow while diving back into second base on a missed bunt by Junior Gilliam.

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I attended this game

I’ve gone to a lot of Major League Baseball games in my life. Probably 50 or more.

The most memorable at-bat that I’ve ever witnessed in person was Alex Cora’s 18-pitch affair against the Cubs in May 2004. On Matt Clement’s 18th delivery, Cora launched a home run into the Cubs’ bullpen at Dodger Stadium.

Click here to watch a special program about Cora’s marathon plate appearance. (When you get to the page, you’ll have to scroll down a little ways and click on the appropriate thumbnail).

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‘Run, Forrest, Run!’

AMC is showing “Forrest Gump,” so naturally I’m watching it.

I’ve seen that movie at least 50 times. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Probably ranks second behind “Field of Dreams,” and just ahead of my No. 3, “The Shawshank Redemption.”

What a great film. And what a great acting performance by Tom Hanks. Can’t believe that movie is nearly 20 years old.


Watched some of Don Larsen’s 1956 World Series perfect game today on MLB Network. I recorded the last few innings with the intention of watching them with my folks, who plan to visit us soon.

Mom said she and Dad were at an intersection in Dubuque when Larsen recorded the final outs of his perfecto. Mom was trying to tell Dad a story, but for some reason Dad wasn’t listening to a word she was saying.

Turns out Dad had a good reason for tuning out the conversation — he was listening to the radio broadcast of the most famous pitching performance in baseball history.

Hahaha! I love stories like that! I wish I knew a lot more about my Mom and Dad’s younger years. And I wish I knew more about my grandparents’ lives. Shoot, both of my grandfathers were gone long before I was born.

If only they had had blogs back then …


Vin Scully called the last 4 1/2 innings of Larsen’s perfect game, at least on the TV side. Mel Allen worked the first 4 1/2 innings.

MLB Network aired its “Prime 9: Greatest Baseball Broadcasters of All Time” a couple nights ago. Vin Scully was No. 1 on the list, of course.

Mel Allen was No. 2, followed by Red Barber and Jack Buck.

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Good to have you back, Kobe

Click here to read about Kobe Bryant’s latest heroics.

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‘The Sleep Whisperer’

I’ll never be a parenting expert, but there’s one thing that I’m really good at: getting Maisa to go to sleep.

Jill calls me “The Sleep Whisperer” because of my ability to coax a nap out of Maisa.

There’s no big secret to my success. I simply tell her it’s time for “night-night” and lay her gently into her crib.

Maisa must know that Daddy means business, because she’s usually asleep within a minute.


Our good friends Kevin and Sheila brought pizza over to the house last night. Jill made a dessert. 

We are all fans of the show “Lost,” so we spent part of the evening watching this week’s offering (all in all, not a bad episode). Then we watched more Olympics coverage than I had seen in the previous two weeks combined.

We had a very nice visit and hope to see them again soon.


I discovered National Public Radio recently.

OK, that’s not entirely accurate. I’ve known about NPR for years, but never bothered to tune in. The last few weeks I’ve  been listening to the central Iowa feed (101.7 FM) and have found the programming to be quite enjoyable.

Talk radio is usually too abrasive for me. And I’m very picky about the music I’ll listen to. So NPR is almost perfect for me. It’s entertaining, diverse, informative and intelligent.

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Where will Manny be in 2011?

Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez told reporters that he doesn’t expect to be a Dodger after 2010.

Well … duh.

Here’s what we know about Manny:

  • When he was on steroids, he was one of the best hitters in baseball history. Without the ‘roids, he’s still a very formidable offensive presence.
  • There have been rumors about the condition of his knees for years now. Playing left field every day does not do those knees any favors.
  • When he returned from suspension last year, he wasn’t the same old Manny — physically or psychologically. He just didn’t seem as enthused about playing baseball as he was before the suspension.
  • He probably won’t play for less than $10 million in 2011, and the Dodgers aren’t interested in paying that kind of money for a 39-year-old guy with bad knees.

Knowing all that we know about Manny, wouldn’t it be logical for him to either …

 a) find a job in the American League in 2011, where he could DH every day and rest those knees?


b) retire?

Baseball writers are going nuts over Manny’s proclamation because they’re already sick of writing the same, old, tired Spring Training features about guys being optimistic for the upcoming season.

But the fact is, Manny’s statements today weren’t very newsworthy.

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