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Sleeping with the lights on

I started reading “Helter Skelter” yesterday. It’s the quintessential book about the 1969 Manson murders, written by Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi.

I’m sort of an amateur Manson historian. I’ve seen most of the documentaries on A&E, History Channel, etc. I know most of the main characters. But I’ve never read “Helter Skelter,” mostly because I didn’t realize Bugliosi was the guy who wrote it. Duh!

So, anyway, I read to page 85 when I got home from work Friday night. Jill and Maisa are at Gramma and Grampa’s house in Harlan, so the combination of the book and the empty house kinda freaked me out. I’m not ashamed to admit I slept with the lights on. Hahaha.


The three historical events that interest me most: 1) The 1969 Manson murders; 2) The 1963 Kennedy assassination; 3) The 1994-95 O.J. Simpson saga.

I also have studied the Civil War, Vietnam, the Golden Age of Hollywood, and European history. I love history, sports, celebrity culture and politics. Hollywood murders (Manson, Simpson, Spector, Blake, Black Dahlia, John Holmes, etc.) are tragic, intriguing stories.

I feel like I’m interested in a lot of different things. Baseball is at the top of the list of interests, but it truly is a long list.

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Yankees win … yuck

Stupid Yankees tied the World Series on Thursday, winning 3-1 over Philly.

Now the series moves to Philly for three games. Game 3 is Saturday.

Interesting scenario on Sunday: The Philadelphia Eagles host the New York Giants at 1 p.m. Eastern, then the Philadelphia Phillies host the New York Yankees at 8 p.m Eastern. Those two cities will hate each other even more by the end of that day.


Maisa’s new rule: If she can reach it, she will climb it.

At her current rate, she’ll be navigating Mount Everest by age 15.

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Maisa loves those carrots!


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Lee, Utley too much for Yankees

My Chase Utley man-crush only gained strength during Game 1 of the World Series.

Utley — Pasadena native, Long Beach Poly grad, UCLA alum, former Dodgers draft pick — hit two home runs off Yankees ace CC Sabathia on Wednesday in the Bronx. Only one other left-handed batter hit two homers off a left-handed pitcher in a World Series game, and his name was Babe Ruth.

Cliff Lee pitched a complete game, and it should have been a shutout. A throwing error in the ninth inning allowed the Yankees to score their only run.

Phillies 6, Yankees 1. Game 2 is tonight on Fox-TV.

I hope the Phillies sweep the evil Yankees.


More on Utley…

The Dodgers drafted him after his senior year at Long Beach Poly High. Unfortunately, Utley chose to attend UCLA.

I often fantasize about having Utley in the Dodgers lineup these past few years. Things might have been a lot different the last two NL Championship Series had Utley been a Dodger instead of a Phillie.

Same goes for Jayson Werth. He was a solid Dodger in 2004, but a wrist injury derailed his career in 2005 and 2006. Los Angeles thought he was done, so they released him. He would have been done, too, had he not gone to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where doctors diagnosed a very rare ligament injury. Now he’s one of the best players in the National League. Sigh.

I’m not a big Werth fan. He seems kind of smug. Utley, though, is perhaps my favorite player in MLB. He just looks like a baseball player, and he does everything the right way.


More on Long Beach Poly High…

LBP is possibly the most impressive high school in the United States. The list of successful alums would stretch from Long Beach to Van Nuys. LBP produces more NFL players than any other high school.

Here’s a brief list of alums, compliments of Wikipedia:

  • Opera Singer Marilyn Horne
  • Actress Barbara Britton (Brantingham)
  • Musician, producer and music director Dustin Moore
  • Spanish Banda singer Jenni Rivera “La Diva de la banda”
  • baseball player Chase Utley
  • actress Cameron Diaz
  • tennis player Billie Jean King
  • football player DeSean Jackson
  • rapper Snoop Dogg
  • actor Percy Daggs III
  • mountain climber Samantha Larson
  • Major League Baseball umpire Charlie Williams
  • baseball player Milton Bradley
  • baseball player Randy Moffitt
  • baseball player Chris Gwynn
  • baseball player 2007 Hall of Fame inductee Tony Gwynn
  • football player and actor Carl Weathers
  • football player Hershel Dennis
  • football player Mark Carrier
  • football player Darnell Bing
  • football player Marcedes Lewis
  • football player Manuel Wright
  • football player Winston Justice
  • football player Samie Parker
  • football player Willie McGinest
  • football player Omar Stoutmire
  • football player Marquez Pope
  • football player Pago Togafau
  • football player Antoine Cason (attended)
  • writer Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

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    Odds and ends — and links!

    • Game 1 of the World Series tonight in New York. First pitch scheduled for approximately 6:45 p.m. Central. Fox-TV has the broadcast. Go Phillies! If you can’t be near a TV, click here to follow the game.
    • A nice, season-opening win for the Lakers last night. Phil Jackson said it’s always tough to play on ring ceremony night. He would know — he has 10 rings as a coach, two as a player. Here’s the game story if you’re interested.
    • Iowa will turn to true freshman Brandon Wegher as its primary tailback. Last year at this time, he was leading Sioux City Heelan to the Class 3-A state title. Click here to read more about the Hawkeyes.
    • Iowa State has an interesting game this weekend at Texas A&M. Aggies are favored by 7 points, but the Cyclones feel like they can win the game. It’ll be tough to avoid a letdown, though, after their big win over Nebraska. Click here to read more about the Cyclones.
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    OK, I’m on board again

    Just got done watching the Lake Show play the first half of their season opener against the Clips.

    And, might I add, I am officially ready for the NBA season.

    A very entertaining half of basketball, the Lakers leading by about 10 points. Los Angeles has a ton of talent. I guess I know how Yankees fans feel.

    True confession: I almost purchased the NBA League Pass from DirecTV this season. I figured, why not? I never leave the house on my days off, so it’ll be money well spent.

    Then I thought, I don’t have the money to be spending more than I already do on my DirecTV bill.

    Also, the Lakers will be on “free TV” — that is, channels I receive under my normal DirecTV package — 25 times this season.

    So I figured, 25 games on TV is plenty.

    At any rate, Go Lakers and hopefully we’ll see everyone in the Finals come June 2010.

    Update: Lake Show played like crap in the 3rd quarter, and the Clips trail by one point. We’ll be lucky to win this game the way we’re playing. Mercy.

    Update II: A strong fourth quarter boosted the Lake Show to an easy victory in the season opener. LAL beats LAC 99-92 and we’re 1-0 to start the season.


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    Winter blues approaching

    Seems like we’ve had a fair amount of good news during the last few months. The economy appears to be on the rebound, though I suspect we have a long way to go before we can declare a full recovery.

    With the long, cold months of winter approaching, I think it’s important to remember that a lot of folks are still really hurting financially. If you have a free minute, say a prayer for these people. Give some cash to charity if you can spare it.

    A lot of folks are hurting physically, too. H1N1, etc. The hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with all the people falling ill.

    Say a prayer for the sick, too, while you’re at it.

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