Dodgers blink first

30 Jul

The Cardinals showed why they are the best team in the National League on Wednesday.

After 15 innings and one heck of a battle between two good teams, St. Louis emerged victorious 3-2.

Random thoughts as I (mostly) look ahead to the weekend series in Atlanta…

  • The way Clayton Kershaw has been pitching (8 scoreless innings Wednesday), we might already have an ace pitcher who is BETTER than Roy Halladay.
  • I sure would have liked to see Kuo start the 11th inning. Might as well throw him in the deep end and help us win games until his arm falls off. We’ll lose him after this season, anyway.
  • Manny’s catch at the wall in the 7th inning was easily the best defensive play of his life.
  • Broxton’s only sin was the wild pitch in the ninth inning. The game-tying hit came on a broken bat and was lucky.
  • If you weren’t a fan of either team, Wednesday’s game was one of the most exciting you’ll ever see. The Bums have nothing to be ashamed of — they battled our asses off and fell just short. And let’s face it, the Cardinals are significantly better than the Dodgers. They had everything go their way and we still almost beat them.

Giants cut their NL West deficit to seven games. Let’s hope that lead isn’t gone after this stretch of playing Atlanta-Milwaukee-Atlanta. Sigh.

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