What’s Maisa doing?

28 Jul


Maisa is a picture of constant motion, never sitting still for more than a minute or two.

She’s constantly rummaging through stuff. Everything.

She’s trying to talk, though the noises she makes are just noises. But I’m pretty sure her first word will be “Dada.”

Maisa has a best friend at daycare. I think the little girl’s name is Keelan or something like that. It’s really cute to see how they gravitate toward each other.

She goes swimming with Daddy a couple times a week. We also go to a nearby park that has brand-new playground equipment.

Mommy and Daddy read to Maisa a couple times a day. She’s starting to really enjoy it — although she doesn’t like to sit still for it.

Maisa still takes her bottle, but she also eats jar food and snacks several times a day. She doesn’t spit up nearly as much as she used to.

She loves to look out the front window at walkers/runners going past our house, the birds in the front yard and cars driving down the street.

Maisa is very curious about everything!

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