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Cardinals get Kuo-faxed

The Dodgers were fortunate enough to win one of four games at St. Louis, and it took clutch performances by Hong-Chih Kuo and Matt Kemp to get it done.

After losing a 15-inning marathon in Game 3 of the series, Los Angeles held on for a 5-3 win in the finale.

Kuo, a left-handed fireballer, entered the game in the eighth inning with no outs and a runner on first base. After a sac bunt moved the runner to second, Kuo struck out Ryan Ludwick. Then the Dodgers intentionally walked Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday to load the bases with two outs. Kuo then completely undressed left-handed hitter Rick Ankiel with three straight fastballs. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Kemp was the hero in the top of the 10th, driving in the winning runs with a two-out single to left field.

Dodgers move back to 24 games over .500 and retain their 7-game edge in the NL West.


Kuo is almost always injured (he’s endured about four elbow surgeries). But when he’s healthy, he’s better than almost any relief pitcher in the majors.

He throws almost all fastballs, and even the best hitters have a hard time making contact. His pitches must be really difficult to pick up out of his hand — he has a lot of moving parts in his delivery and slightly unusual release point.

Kuo is one of my favorite Dodgers, even though he hasn’t played much this season. If he stays healthy, Los Angeles has a tremendous 1-2 left-handed relief punch with Kuo and newly acquired George Sherrill.

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Pitching matchups for the weekend

We’ll face AtlantaTommy Hanson, Derek Lowe and Jair Jurrjens. Three very good pitchers.

We’ll throw Jason Schmidt, Randy Wolf and Chad Billingsley.

Should be a good series, although the Braves have a huge pitching advantage in Game 1.

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Dodgers blink first

The Cardinals showed why they are the best team in the National League on Wednesday.

After 15 innings and one heck of a battle between two good teams, St. Louis emerged victorious 3-2.

Random thoughts as I (mostly) look ahead to the weekend series in Atlanta…

  • The way Clayton Kershaw has been pitching (8 scoreless innings Wednesday), we might already have an ace pitcher who is BETTER than Roy Halladay.
  • I sure would have liked to see Kuo start the 11th inning. Might as well throw him in the deep end and help us win games until his arm falls off. We’ll lose him after this season, anyway.
  • Manny’s catch at the wall in the 7th inning was easily the best defensive play of his life.
  • Broxton’s only sin was the wild pitch in the ninth inning. The game-tying hit came on a broken bat and was lucky.
  • If you weren’t a fan of either team, Wednesday’s game was one of the most exciting you’ll ever see. The Bums have nothing to be ashamed of — they battled our asses off and fell just short. And let’s face it, the Cardinals are significantly better than the Dodgers. They had everything go their way and we still almost beat them.

Giants cut their NL West deficit to seven games. Let’s hope that lead isn’t gone after this stretch of playing Atlanta-Milwaukee-Atlanta. Sigh.

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Two games at Busch Stadium have yielded the combined score of Cardinals 16, Dodgers 1.

Yep, that’s pretty much what I expected.

Not even worth talking about this series. I’m looking ahead to Atlanta.

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What’s Maisa doing?


Maisa is a picture of constant motion, never sitting still for more than a minute or two.

She’s constantly rummaging through stuff. Everything.

She’s trying to talk, though the noises she makes are just noises. But I’m pretty sure her first word will be “Dada.”

Maisa has a best friend at daycare. I think the little girl’s name is Keelan or something like that. It’s really cute to see how they gravitate toward each other.

She goes swimming with Daddy a couple times a week. We also go to a nearby park that has brand-new playground equipment.

Mommy and Daddy read to Maisa a couple times a day. She’s starting to really enjoy it — although she doesn’t like to sit still for it.

Maisa still takes her bottle, but she also eats jar food and snacks several times a day. She doesn’t spit up nearly as much as she used to.

She loves to look out the front window at walkers/runners going past our house, the birds in the front yard and cars driving down the street.

Maisa is very curious about everything!

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Misery in Missouri

Barring a miracle, the Dodgers will lose their third consecutive game tonight for the first time since August 2008.

Los Angeles just can’t beat St. Louis, and that’s who we’re facing tonight, tomorrow and Thursday.

The Cardinals routed the Dodgers 6-1 Monday in a game that was tight until the seventh inning.mizzou

We have lost 15 of our last 18 games in St. Louis, an embarrassing stat that must leave Cardinal fans wondering how the Dodgers have posted MLB’s best record in 2009.

It’s Billingsley vs. Wainwright. We scored one run against Carpenter last night, and I expect we’ll score either zero runs or one run against Wainwright. Gotta try to give him a high pitch count and take your chances against the St. Louis bullpen.

Of course, by the time Wainwright leaves the game, Billingsley probably will have given up five or six runs.

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He earned his ban

Pete Rose bet on baseball.

Pete Rose bet on his own team.

Pete Rose earned his lifetime ban from baseball.

Can we just leave it at that?

This guy does not deserve a second chance. It’s a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy. Period.

I loved Pete Rose when I was a kid. He played the game the right way, and he was the consummate winner. But he bet on his own team, and everyone knows you can’t do that.

Does Rose belong in the Hall of Fame? Of course. But if he can’t be in the Hall without having his lifetime ban rescinded, then I guess we’ll have to live without a Pete Rose plaque on the wall. Life goes on.

Betting on your own team is a crime far worse than taking steroids. It’s a clear violation of the sanctity of the game. Baseball simply cannot go easy on people who recklessly abuse the integrity of the game.

Without its integrity and credibility, what would baseball be?


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