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(Sort of) new theory on the Dodgers’ success

The Bums lost 3-0 to Colorado and Jason Marquis tonight. Our offense is a big-time funk, even by Dodger standards.

I came up with a theory recently to explain the Dodgers’ incredible success so far this season. Simply put, the National League is pretty lousy with the exception of the Dodgers.

The NL East is awful. The Cardinals can’t hit. The Cubs stink. The Brewers don’t have enough pitching.

The second-best team in the NL is the Giants, who won again tonight. And that team doesn’t have much in the way of offense.

So, yeah, I think a big reason that the Dodgers are 20 games over .500 and leading the NL in batting is the fact that the NL is having a down year.

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Success in the 13th

Andre Ethier, king of the walk-off hit, gave the Dodgers a 4-2 victory Monday with a two-run homer in the bottom of the 13th.

Tremendous effort by the bullpen, led by Jeff Weaver’s gutty performance in the 10th inning after the first two men reached base.

An awful, awful effort by the offense. Prior to Ethier’s homer, the Dodgers had two runs in 12 innings — both driven in by pitcher Randy Wolf. The Dodger position players should be ashamed of themselves.

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Something new, something Blue

I plan to do something new and different tonight — blog regularly during the Dodger game.

Unless Maisa wakes up, of course.

So check back often for updates.



Top of the first…

Giants are winning 10-0 tonight at St. Louis. So the Bums need to win tonight to keep their lead at 7 games.

I was watching several games tonight prior to the Dodger game. Cubs and White Sox both won. Ditto for the Red Sox. Angels used the long ball to take the lead at Texas.

A nice top of the first for Randy Wolf. 1-2-3. He often struggles in the first inning, so that is a good development.


Bottom of the first….

Ubaldo Jimenez has nasty stuff. The Dodgers have their hands full. But a nice start with Pierre lofting a single to left.

The Dodgers looked thoroughly clueless in the opening frame after Pierre’s single.


Top of second…

Really need a gutsy effort from Wolfie tonight. We’re not gonna score much against Jimenez.

Brad Hawpe, No. 1 Dodger killer, due up 2nd this inning.

Lincecum pitches a two-hit shutout in St. Louis.

Wow, we got Hawpe out — via the strikeout, no less!

6 up, 6 down for Randy Wolf. Let’s get some runs!


Bottom of second….

Matt Kemp batting sixth tonight. He usually has batted 8th this season.

Unbelievable that the Rockies have won 17 of 20.

More clueless swings in the second.


Top 3rd…

Nice play by Casey Blake, the Bearded Iowan. He’s been very steady¬†over there at 3rd base.

Vin Scully talking about the “June Gloom” in Los Angeles. Ha! Love it.

Duh…all nine Dodgers walked off the field following the SECOND out. Embarrassing.

9 up, 9 down for Randy Wolf! Take him out while he’s still perfect! Give the Rockies a new look. Hahaha.


Bottom of 3rd….

Comment from my good friend Al…Walking off the field was hilarious. More hilarious? Vin Scully bemoaning it. “C’mon, guys,” he said. HAHA!!

I’ll be in bed by 11 p.m. Central at this rate. 3 full innings in 35 minutes.


Top of 4th…

Leadoff single for the Rox. Here we go! Sigh.

Red Sox blanked the O’s tonight. Wow, Boston is playing good baseball.

I just learned something from Vin Scully. Today’s home-plate ump, Bruce Dreckman, is from Iowa. I did not know that.

Why is Juan Pierre headed to the bench when Manny returns Friday? Because his pop-gun arm allows runners to tag up from first on a routine fly ball to left field. Mercy…

Very timely comment from Al…I feel bad for Juan Pierre. What must be going through his head? As of Friday, despite great success in the last 45 games, he’ll be sent to the bench. He must be wondering what a guy has to do to earn playing time. Then again, he is making about $9 million this year (at least?) and is playing for the best team in the majors.

Teams have been running like crazy on Russell Martin the last few games. Advance scouts must think he’s vulnerable.

HUGE DOUBLE PLAY BY CASEY BLAKE! UNASSISTED! Caught the line drive and then dove to the bag for the 3rd out. YES!!!


Bottom of 4th…

Very interesting comment from someone at Dodger Thoughts…If Fowler doesn’t steal 3rd, there is still two on with Hawpe coming up. Posted by: bhsportsguy

Our chances of scoring off Jimenez don’t look good right now. We’ve only hit one ball in the air. He throws a “heavy” ball, as they say.

Blake hits it hard, but Tulo makes a good catch.


Top of 5th…

No way we get Hawpe out twice in a row.

I was right. He singles hard up the middle on a 1-2 count. Dodger killer No. 1.

Martin couldn’t hang on to Hawpe’s foul tip with a two-strike count. We’ll see if that looms large in this inning/game.

Home run by Spillborghs. Should have been a solo shot (if Martin hangs on to that strikeout). He’s another Dodger killer. That’s probably the game, considering the way we’ve been hitting. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Wolfie just can’t keep the ball in the park lately. The White Sox hit¬†5 homers off him last week.

2 runs, 3 hits, and a near-error by Furcal on the third out. He has a hard time throwing the ball accurately to Loney. Good thing Nomar isn’t playing over there anymore.


Bottom of 5th…

Gotta make Jimenez work. He’s had it too easy thus far.

Attaboy, Kemp! That’s how you hit this guy! He’s 9-for-18 lifetime against Jimenez.

Starting to get some better swings in this inning. Need some two-out magic from Russell Martin.

In my messed-up mind, I would pinch-hit for Wolf right here. Two outs, two on, bottom of fifth.

HUGE PLAY!!! Wolf drives in two runs with a single!!! Game is tied.

Dreckman, the Iowa ump, has a very high strike zone.


Top of 6th…

Loney boots an easy grounder…although it did have a LOT of English.

And now Martin can’t block a pitch. His defensive skills are way down this season. Can’t afford to have those kinds of mistakes against a team that has won 17 of 20.

2 outs, runner at 3rd. I’d walk hawpe here.

YES! We got Hawpe out. Still 2-2.


Bottom of 6th…

nothing doing.


Top of 7th…

Interesting. The Dodgers pulled Wolf in favor of Bellisario. This is RB’s 40th game.

Wolf will¬†be tagged with¬†his 11th no-decision — tops in Major League Baseball.

RB fans two and has an easy inning. He has one of the best 2-seam fastballs I’ve ever seen — that’s no exaggeration. It has a ton of movement, and he throws it much harder than most pitchers.

2-2 headed to the stretch.


Bottom of 7th…

Gotta get into that Colorado bullpen.

Here we go! Runners at the corners, two outs. Need a big hit!

Couldn’t get it.


Top of eighth…

I helped Jill unload groceries…and now I’m back. Still 2-2. Good job by Troncoso.


Bottom of 8th…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before — Pierre squared around to bunt on a full count. It worked. He drew a walk.

Can Casey come through? two outs, runner on 1st.


We need some ninth-inning magic here. Shut ’em down and score a run in the bottom of the inning.


top of 9th…

Great at-bat by Stewart to lead off the inning, even though Broxton eventually K’d him. We’ll see if all those pitches come back to haunt us.

Wow. Hawpe struck out. Rare.

A 92 mph slider from Brox. Whoa.

96 mph at the knees get Tulo. We’re headed to the bottom of the 9th in a 2-2 tie.


Bottom of 9th…

YEEESSSSSS!! Ethier leads off with single, advances to 2nd on center fielder’s error. No outs!

Wow. Talk about crappy hitting. kemp grounds out but doesn’t advance the runner, martin strikes out, ausmus strikes out.


top of 10th…

spillborghs leads off with a double. that’ll be all for my blogging tonight. hoping for a miracle. thanks for reading…


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Sad, but definitely not surprising

Michael Jackson’s death last week was a lot of things — tragic, sad, intriguing. But surprising it was not.

Seriously, is there anyone out there who thought Jacko would live to be an old man? Consider all the painkillers and other substances, all the plastic surgeries, all the late nights. The guy’s lifestyle was always in high gear,¬†traveling down life’s highway¬†at 110 mph.

The human body can only take so much punishment. I always thought Jacko would be lucky to make 50.

In fact, of the three celebrity deaths last week — Jackson, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett — I was LEAST surprised to hear about Jackson’s passing.

Now, if Tom Hanks or Edward Norton or George Strait or Alan Jackson kick the bucket this week — now THAT would shock the hell out of me.

You heard it here first: Hanks, Norton, Strait and Alan Jackson will make it to 90 years old. At least.

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A couple wins would do my heart some good

The Dodgers have lost four of their last five games, and I’m getting a little nervous.

The Giants won Sunday, cutting the Dodgers’ lead in the NL West to seven games. Los Angeles lost to Seattle. I don’t even remember the score. Just a crappy game.

No need to panic yet, but I’d feel a lot better if the Bums could take two of three against Colorado starting Monday night.

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Farley Hawks update

The Hawks lost to Bellevue 1-0 in the Worthington Tournament.

Not much offense in the Prairie League these days. Wooden bats are nice and nostalgic, but there is a down side to them.

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Cool visitors

My sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit in July. They live up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Very cool that they are making the trip!

The whole Kramer family (or at least a good chunk of it) will be coming to central Iowa for the festivities.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

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