Dodgerkramer exclusive: Greatest Dodgers of all time

25 May

This scientific compilation is the exclusive property of Dodgerkramer and cannot be rebroadcast or retransmitted without the permission of the commissioner of baseball. 🙂

It is NOT a list of the best players in Dodger history.

Rather, it’s a list of the people who had the biggest impact on the franchise.

  1. Vin Scully — Voice of the Dodgers since 1950. He’s everything that’s special about the Dodgers. Classy. Dignified. Polished. Unique in every way.
  2. Jackie Robinson — Broke baseball’s color barrier. 1949 NL most valuable player. Voted into Hall of Fame even though baseball was his fourth-best sport.
  3. Sandy Koufax — Greatest left-handed pitcher in baseball history. He was unbeatable in big games.
  4. Walter O’Malley — Owner brought the team west to Los Angeles. Built a gorgeous ballpark at Chavez Ravine and built the Dodgers into a model franchise.
  5. Walter Alston — Managed team from mid-50s to 1976. Won four world championships.
  6. Tommy Lasorda — Managed team from 1977 to 1996. Won two World Series and a bushel basket full of division titles.
  7. Roy Campanella — Three-time MVP in the 1950s. He was the catcher on those great Dodger teams of that decade.
  8. Duke Snider — Holds franchise home run record.
  9. Pee Wee Reese — Shortstop and captain of those great Dodger teams of the 40s and 50s.
  10. Branch Rickey — Architect of Jackie Robinson’s entry into the majors. Developed the Dodger minor league system into baseball’s best.
  11. Buzz Bavasi/Al Campanis — General managers during Dodgers’ glory days of 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Campanis’ legacy was stained in 1987 by his insensitive remarks about African-Americans in baseball.
  12. Don Drysdale — The right-handed half of the legendary “Koufax and Drysdale” duo. Was a TV/radio broadcaster for the team in the 80s-90s before his premature death.
  13. Steve Garvey — Mr. Dodger, if you will. He was a Dodger batboy as a kid. Clutch hitter with movie star good looks. Holds NL record for most consecutive games played.
  14. Jaime Jarrin — Spanish-radio broadcaster for the Dodgers since mid-50s. Hall of Famer.
  15. Don Sutton — Holds most Dodger pitching records.
  16. Dr. Frank Jobe — The team’s longtime orthopedic surgeon invented Tommy John surgery, which has saved the careers of thousands of pitchers and position players. Among the Dodger pitchers Jobe saved: Eric Gagne, Tommy John and Darren Dreifort.
  17. Willie Davis — Holds several Dodger hitting records.
  18. Zach Wheat — Near the top of most Dodger hitting records, but played in the early 20th century so most people don’t know who he is.
  19. Mike Piazza — Greatest offensive catcher of all time. Dodger fans will always love him, even though he’ll (sadly) wear a Mets cap into the Hall of Fame.
  20. Gil Hodges — Great leader. Great first baseman. Great slugger. Made final putout in 1955 World Series — the team’s first title.
  21. Don Newcombe — One of baseball’s best all-around players in the 1950s. A dominant pitcher who could do serious damage with the bat. Only player in MLB history to win rookie of the year, MVP and Cy Young (not in the same season).
  22. Fernando Valenzuela — He brought an entire ethnic group into the Dodger fan base. Fernando’s arrival attracted Mexican-Americans to Dodger Stadium by the thousands, ensuring that the Dodgers would draw 3 million fans every year for the rest of time.
  23. (tie) Orel Hershiser/Kirk Gibson — The Bulldog pitched the Dodgers to the 1988 world title. Gibby hit the magical home run that everyone knows about.
  24. Eric Gagne — Yes, steroid accusations have marred his reputation. But great God almighty, Gagne was awesome in 2002-04.
  25. Bill Russell — Shortstop holds the Dodger record for most games played.
  26. Ron Cey/Davey Lopes — Third baseman and second baseman on the legendary Dodger infield of the 1970s that stayed together for 8 1/2 years.
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