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Ryan Dempster — seven months too late?

Kudos to Ryan Dempster for completely shutting down the Dodgers’ offense on Saturday.

Cub fans could be heard coast-to-coast asking, “Where was that performance last October when we really needed it?”

Something tells me if Dempster faces the Bums in October again, he’ll beat them handily like he did Saturday.

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Lake Show earns 30th trip to NBA Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets in six games to clinch the Western Conference finals.

The Lakers are headed to their 30th NBA Finals, more trips than any other team. Yep, more than even the Boston Celtics.

We’ll be looking for our 15th championship, which would give us a nice .500 record in NBA Finals.

L.A. will play Orlando, which beat Cleveland in six games.

Orlando beat the Lake Show twice in the regular season, so hopefully we can elevate our performance and compete with the Magic.

The Lakers have one thing — and only one thing — going in their favor: home-court advantage.

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Where art thou, Dodger Stadium?

The Dodgers are in an offensive funk. Those three games at Coors Field don’t really count in terms of gauging a team’s hitting performance, so consider…

  • Since the May 20 game against the Mets, the Dodgers have averaged 2.57 runs per game. Again, not counting the three games at Coors because that ballpark makes bad hitters look good.
  • In the three games against the Cubs, the Dodgers have scored three runs. Yep, an average of one per game.

If not for reliever Ramon Troncoso’s heroics in the series opener, the Bums would be trying to stave off a 4-game sweep today.

It’s Eric Milton going against Sean Marshall of the Cubs. I’d really like to win the game and earn a split against a good Chicago club. But if we lose, we still end up with a winning road trip. We enter the day 4-2 on the trip.

We head back to Los Angeles after the game, which is a relief. Dodger Stadium never looked so good.

It’s times like this when we really miss Manny Ramirez. The good news is we’re 13-9 without him.

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This is not a fun series for me

I don’t enjoy the Dodgers’ games against the Cubs. I wish they were in opposite leagues.

I have many friends and family members who love the Cubs. It gives me no pleasure to see their beloved team lose (and I assume my friends/family don’t enjoy seeing my team lose, either).

At the same time, I obviously want my team to win as many games as possible. And Cub fans want their team to win.

So therein lies my dilemma when the Dodgers play the Cubs. Someone has to lose.

Thank goodness the teams play only six or seven games each year. When I was a kid, they played 12 games per season. That was really rough.

So the Dodgers won Thursday’s series opener 2-1 at Wrigley Field. I won’t elaborate any further because a) I didn’t watch the game and b) I know Cubs fans are hurting from the loss.

May the teams split the four-game series.

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Lakers take pivotal Game 5

So Lamar Odom showed up Wednesday night, and the Lakers (not surprisingly) won Game 5 at home. When Odom plays like that, the Lakers are the best team in the NBA. Problem is, he hardly ever plays like that.

Lake Show leads West finals 3-2. Game 6 back at Denver tomorrow.

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Not this time, Hawpe!!! (12-7 without Manny)

The Dodgers almost blew a 5-run lead in the bottom of the ninth inning today at Coors Field.

Closer Jon Broxton really struggled, but eventually got No. 1 Dodger Killer Brad Hawpe to ground out to the end the game.


I think manager Joe Torre, if he had to do it over again, would have started the inning with Brox rather than bring him in with runners on base.

Now it’s on to Chicago, where I have a sneaking suspicion the Dodgers will get swept by the Cubs. I think it’s gonna be a long four days for the Dodgers.


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11-7 without Manny

And a season-high 17 games over .500.

Hoping to sweep the Rockies today because we go to Wrigley Field for four games starting Thursday. The Cubs are due to get hot and are liable to sweep our butts out of town.

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