No 5-0, but a win nonetheless

29 Apr

Jon Broxton’s bases-loaded walk in the eighth inning prevented Chad Billingsley from becoming MLB’s first 5-0 pitcher Tuesday night. The Dodgers won the game, though, after RBI extra-base hits by Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp in the ninth.

Dodgers 5, Giants 3 — with a save by Will Ohman!!!

Ethier’s RBI double was a thing of beauty on the 10th pitch of his at-bat. It drove in Manny Ramirez, who “set the table” with a leadoff double.

Ethier is off to a fabulous start. If he stays anywhere close to his current pace, he’s going to win a lot more games for the Dodgers.


The Bums appear headed to a 4-5 road trip, considering they face Giants ace Tim Lincecum in tonight’s series finale.

But frankly, I’ll take 4-5 and be happy with it. Losing the first two games at Houston lowered my expectations.


I did something last night that I’ve done maybe one other time — I turned the channel before the bottom of the ninth inning.

I simply could not bring myself to watch the Dodger bullpen possibly blow another lead. In fact, I wasn’t even tempted to turn back and check the score until enough time had passed that I knew the game was over.

I never did check the score. I had Jill do it for me. I was very relieved when she said, “Dodgers win.”

So then I watched the postgame show to see what I missed.

Considering how little I trust our bullpen these days, I might be skipping the ninth inning more often. That is, unless the Dodgers can bring back Eric Gagne of 2003.

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