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Farley Hawks opener

Dad says the Farley Hawks semi-pro baseball team is opening its season next weekend.

My brother Dan promises to mail me a Hawks schedule, although I haven’t seen it yet. Hahaha.

And I hope to receive game updates from Dad so I can put them on my blog. Hint, hint.

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Medical report

Dad says my brother Tom was heading home from the hospital yesterday. Very glad to hear that.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Cubs win! Cubs win!

I was glad to see the Cubbies beat up on the Snakes on Tuesday night in Phoenix.

Cub fans were beginning to wonder if their team would ever win a series again. They can do so by winning this afternoon at the BOB.

Carlos Zambrano is an incredible hitter. He had a home run and a double (the double was very close to being a home run, too). I don’t know why the Cubs don’t use him as a pinch-hitter more often.

Zambrano didn’t even put a good swing on his opposite-field home run. He’s really an impressive hitter, no matter how you cut it.


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No 5-0, but a win nonetheless

Jon Broxton’s bases-loaded walk in the eighth inning prevented Chad Billingsley from becoming MLB’s first 5-0 pitcher Tuesday night. The Dodgers won the game, though, after RBI extra-base hits by Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp in the ninth.

Dodgers 5, Giants 3 — with a save by Will Ohman!!!

Ethier’s RBI double was a thing of beauty on the 10th pitch of his at-bat. It drove in Manny Ramirez, who “set the table” with a leadoff double.

Ethier is off to a fabulous start. If he stays anywhere close to his current pace, he’s going to win a lot more games for the Dodgers.


The Bums appear headed to a 4-5 road trip, considering they face Giants ace Tim Lincecum in tonight’s series finale.

But frankly, I’ll take 4-5 and be happy with it. Losing the first two games at Houston lowered my expectations.


I did something last night that I’ve done maybe one other time — I turned the channel before the bottom of the ninth inning.

I simply could not bring myself to watch the Dodger bullpen possibly blow another lead. In fact, I wasn’t even tempted to turn back and check the score until enough time had passed that I knew the game was over.

I never did check the score. I had Jill do it for me. I was very relieved when she said, “Dodgers win.”

So then I watched the postgame show to see what I missed.

Considering how little I trust our bullpen these days, I might be skipping the ninth inning more often. That is, unless the Dodgers can bring back Eric Gagne of 2003.

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Lakers 4, Jazz 1

The Lakers put away their first-round opponent, Utah, on Monday.

It got tight at the end, but the Lake Show led almost the entire game.

Now it’s either Houston or Portland in the conference semifinals.

If the Dodgers ever have a dominant year like the Lakers seem to do all the time, I’ll explode with joy.

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Dangerous times

Sunday I cut my finger washing dishes. Today I pinched a chunk of my hand in Maisa’s new jumparoo.

These are dangerous times we’re living in.

Luckily, I’ve avoided a trip to the ER. My injuries should heal on their own.

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Tough one to swallow

The Dodgers lost the game tonight. The Giants didn’t win it.

From Matt Kemp’s awful first-inning defense, to Kemp’s GIDP with runners at the corners, to Ronald Belisario’s pitching meltdown in the 8th inning, the Dodgers earned this loss.


We have bullpen issues. Really need Hong-Chih Kuo to revert back to his old dominant self.

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