El Hombre

31 Mar

A nice story about St. Louis Cardinals superstar Albert Pujols in today’s USA Today.

I hate playing against Pujols because he’s so damn good. But it was nice to read about his off-the-field activities, which include raising money and awareness for kids with Down Syndrome and delivering supplies to poor countries. He’s very much involved with his church, too.

Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez is quoted in the story, saying Pujols “is the best hitter in both leagues.” Truer words have never been spoken. Pujols, known as “El Hombre” in St. Louis, is so consistently good, it’s scary.

I hope, for Pujols’ sake and the sake of the game, that he’s done it all without performance-enhancing drugs. If he has, what an amazing athlete. He’s the best hitter I’ve seen in 25 years of watching baseball closely.


Countdown to Opening Day: 5 days. Braves at Phillies on ESPN2 Sunday night, then a full slate on Monday.

The Dodgers open at San Diego for four games, then three at ‘Zona. It’s a tough opening month for Los Angeles, with only seven games at Chavez Ravine.

June is filled with home games, though, so of course it all evens out.

And September includes three games with Washington, six with Pittsburgh and the rest against NL West teams. Gotta like our chances if we enter the final month healthy and within striking distance of first place.


Lake Show coming off a loss tonight will play at Charlotte. L.A. has lost six of its last seven against the Bobcats. Weird. tells me that I get to watch the game for free tonight. And I’m off, so what a nice surprise!

The Lakers clinched home-court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs a few days ago. Cleveland appears to be a lock for the overall home-court edge. Hopefully L.A. will finish with a better record than Boston.


Maisa has her 6-month checkup today. She has a cough, so the doctor might decide to postpone her shots for a few days.

My family is having a heckuva time in the health department lately. Two of our in-laws are in the hospital, and of course Jill is still battling her back pain and related problems.

Hopefully the springtime weather and prayers can make everyone feel a little better very soon.

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