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We’re home

I brought Jill home from UIHC today.

Fifteen days in the hospital. What else do I need to say?

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The last two days have been hectic, to say the least.

We got two hours of sleep on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning because Jill had extremely high blood sugars in the hospital. (We found out later her insulin pump was malfunctioning, which was fixable and somewhat of a relief because we initially thought the sugars were caused by another physical problem).

I went home Wednesday morning to clean bottles, take a quick nap and get ready for work. The “get ready for work” part never happened, because Jill called me to say that her doctors were transferring her to Iowa City for tests on her seizures.

So my mom and I accompanied Jill to Iowa City, where they have some of the best doctors in the United States. They’ve been doing testing for two days now, and we’re about ready to turn in for the night.

My mom went home to Farley for a day, but she’ll likely return Friday to spend the day and night with Jill. I need to get back to D.M. to work, because I’ve already missed two days and I’m feeling guilty as hell for that. I’ll return to Iowa City on Saturday and Sunday, my scheduled days off this week.

Luckily there’s a computer about 15 feet from Jill’s room here at UIHC, so I was able to sneak here for a quick blog post.

Jill’s back pain is generally better, but she has a bad spasm or two each day. Tonight her pain is particularly bad.

So the pain is still an issue, as are the seizures. Jill had 3 or 4 of those today.

Please continue your prayers.

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Something else to overcome

Jill’s pain has been a little better the last couple days. That’s the good news.

Her various meds are making her have “spells.” That’s the bad news.

These spells are actually seizures, we’re told, without the body and muscle  spasms. Jill is just kind of “out of it” during these spells. She’s not in any danger during these events, but she can’t speak very well and afterward can’t remember what happened.

It’s kind of scary, but we all think the seizures will go away after she gets off some of these meds.

It’s Day 10 in the hospital for Jill. Please pray that she can go home soon.


The Lakers now have the best record in the NBA. They host New Orleans tonight at Staples.

My good buddy Mark and I are going to a Lakers game in Minneapolis on Jan. 29.

I can’t wait for the day to get here b/c I’ve never been to an NBA game before. That, and the Lake Show is playing really well the last two weeks or so.


I’m still hopeful the Dodgers can re-sign Manny Ramirez. They restructured Andruw Jones’ contract to make it easier to trade him. If the Bums can get rid of Jones, they’ll have greater flexibility/cash to sign Manny.

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Thursday at the hospital

I’m spending the day in Jill’s hospital room. They gave her an epidural, which has helped alleviate some of her leg pain. The back pain is somewhat controlled by pain meds.

We’re hoping she can go home Friday, but the doctor said her fracture won’t heal completely for two months. She’ll have to deal with pain during that time.


Saw most of the Hawkeyes’ dominant victory over South Carolina today. A fun game to watch for Iowa fans. Iowa was a much, much better team.

Shonn Greene announced he’s headed for the NFL. Will Kirk Ferentz be far behind?

2008 could have been magicial for Iowa football. The team’s four losses were by a combined 12 points. The Hawkeyes finished 9-4, but easily could have been 11-2, 12-1 . . .


Watching the Rose Bowl right now. USC is putting a major thumping on Penn State. The Trojans should be playing in the national title game. They got hosed. USC has an awesome collection of talent.

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