18 Jan

After watching the Lake Show lose at home to Orlando on Friday, I was counting on UCLA to give my hoops teams a weekend split.

Not so fast. Arizona State beat the Uclans in overtime Saturday afternoon at Pauley Pavilion in Westwood.

Good news: The game was on TV and I enjoyed watching it on my day off. Bad news: The Bruins let ASU stick around long enough in the second half to force overtime.

I still agree with my pal Mark, though: UCLA will be a team to reckon with come March.


A reasonably relaxing day at home with Jill and Maisa today. A couple of her friends stopped by this afternoon, but they were short visits.

I’ve been awake since 8:30 a.m. (very early for me), and I haven’t had a nap. Hopefully I’ll sleep pretty soundly tonight.


I’m a coffee drinker now. Started a couple weeks ago when I was spending all that time in the hospital with Jill. Seemed like a good thing to do, but I’m not sure why. I sort of got tired of drinking carbonated diet soda all the time.

Anyway, Clarence and Karen always have a pot going in the morning, so I’ve been imbibing with them. I take it with a good amount of cream (hazelnut flavor, if you have it).

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