Back pain not so fun, but water park fun

29 Dec

Jill is in the hospital with severe back pain. She went in Sunday afternoon, and it appears she might have a ruptured disc or a pinched nerve. Will know more later today or tomorrow, hopefully.

Jill’s mom came from Harlan to be with Jill and to help watch Maisa. I have to work Monday and Tuesday, so Gramma will watch Maisa when I’m not available.


We celebrated Christmas with Jill’s family Saturday in Omaha. The hotel where we stayed had an indoor water park.

I didn’t partake in the water park fun, but I did swim in the big-ass pool on the other end of the hotel by Jill’s parents’ room. I also spent some time in the hot tub.

A good time had by all.


It’s been a while since I posted, but I wanted to make a quick mention of the Dec. 25 Lakers-Celtics showdown. What a game! Very entertaining from start to finish, and the right team won! Lakers 93-82 I believe.

That was a real shot in the arm for a Lakers team that was winning games in spite of itself for about a month.

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