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Update on Jill’s condition

Jill is still in the hospital. Her niece Peyton is staying with her tonight. Gramma B. and I are at the house in Ankeny taking care of Maisa. We were at the hospital all day till right now.

Jill has a significant amount of pain in her back and legs. The doctors say she has a fracture in her lower pelvis. The doctors initially thought the area on the MRI looked like a cancerous area, so we all were very worried for about 24 hours. Today, though, they more or less ruled out the possibility that it’s a cancer. They’re still going to do blood and bone tests in an effort to completely rule it out, but for now they’re confident that the area on that MRI is a fracture.

Not sure how the fracture occurred, but it could have been a byproduct of being pregnant, etc.

They’re probably going to do an steroid epidural in that area on Thursday. That could help it heal and decrease the pain. If all goes well, maybe Jill will get to come home Thursday night.

Thanks for all your prayers.

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Back pain not so fun, but water park fun

Jill is in the hospital with severe back pain. She went in Sunday afternoon, and it appears she might have a ruptured disc or a pinched nerve. Will know more later today or tomorrow, hopefully.

Jill’s mom came from Harlan to be with Jill and to help watch Maisa. I have to work Monday and Tuesday, so Gramma will watch Maisa when I’m not available.


We celebrated Christmas with Jill’s family Saturday in Omaha. The hotel where we stayed had an indoor water park.

I didn’t partake in the water park fun, but I did swim in the big-ass pool on the other end of the hotel by Jill’s parents’ room. I also spent some time in the hot tub.

A good time had by all.


It’s been a while since I posted, but I wanted to make a quick mention of the Dec. 25 Lakers-Celtics showdown. What a game! Very entertaining from start to finish, and the right team won! Lakers 93-82 I believe.

That was a real shot in the arm for a Lakers team that was winning games in spite of itself for about a month.

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If you like basketball — or even if you just occasionally watch a game — the Christmas Day matchup between Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers is a must-see.

Boston has won 19 or 20 in a row; the Lakers are the best team in the West and coming off an impressive blowout win at New Orleans. This is easily the best rivalry in the NBA.

One of sports’ oldest records is on the line. The 1971-72 L.A. Lakers won 33 games in a row, and Boston has a legitimate chance to get to that number unless the 2008-09 Lakers do something to stop it.

Celtics at Lakers, I believe it starts at 4 p.m. CST on Christmas Day on ABC-TV. Check it out.


Jill’s back continues to give her pain. Her physical therapy sessions don’t seem to be helping much. An X-ray showed a “space” between a couple discs, so maybe that has something to do with it.

If you have a second, say a quick prayer that the doctors can fix Jill’s problem. She’s been experiencing pain with every step she takes lately.


Thanks to all who sent my birthday cards/e-mails, and thanks to all who sent us Christmas cards and letters. It’s always nice to hear from you.


The new Iowa State football coach says he grew up as a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Steve Garvey was his favorite player.

I’m liking this new coach more and more each day.


And finally…Can you believe what those damn New York Yankees have done this offseason?

A portion of my nightly prayers in 2009 will be devoted to having the Yankees miss the postseason again. Beer’s on me if that happens.

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Happy Holidays


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One of life’s little pleasures

There aren’t many things in life better than sitting in a comfortable chair with the Sunday newspaper.

Doesn’t matter which newspaper. Doesn’t matter which city.

So much good stuff to read. And such a bargain; think of what you get for a couple bucks.

I truly feel sorry for people who don’t read newspapers. They’re really missing out on a lot.

Reading the daily newspaper is one of the great joys of my life. I’ll be sad when I can’t do it anymore.

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My two girls


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Crank up the Hot Stove

It’s c-c-c-c-c-c-cold here in Iowa. Really cold. Days like this make me long for the first day of Spring Training. Speaking of which, I hear the Cubs and Dodgers open the spring schedule with a game at Mesa on Feb. 25. Sure would be fun to go down to Ariz. for a few games.


Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Ankeny on Saturday. We wanted to check it out b/c it’s a new restaurant here in town. The wings were terrific; the rest of the food was just OK. Part of the reason we went there was to watch the Iowa/Drake men’s game on ESPNU. I don’t subscribe to that channel.

Maisa went with us and really enjoyed looking at all the big-screen TVs on the walls. She’s just like her daddy.


I’m very impressed with Iowa State’s FB coaching hire. Paul Rhoads may not bring them to the top of the Big 12 (who could?), but he certainly won’t leave after two years like Cheese-It did.

Rhoads is from Ankeny; his parents like a few blocks down the street from us. He’ll work his ass off to make the Cyclones as good as they can be.

And he’ll make Kirk Ferentz work a little harder to get all the best in-state recruits.


It’s a Bulldog State, after all. The Drake men have won 10 in a row against Iowa, ISU and UNI.

Josh Young is a heck of good player. He dominated Iowa on Saturday.

For some reason, I still think Iowa might have a decent year. I like several of their players — not the least of which is Iowa City freshman Matt Gatens. The Hawkeyes will win some games in the mediocre Big Ten and probably advance to the NIT. Maybe 2009-10 will result in an NCAA Tournament berth.

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