Average margin of victory: 29 points

30 Oct

OK, so the Lakers aren’t playing great teams yet. Still, what they did in their first two regular-season games surely sent a message to the rest of the NBA.

This is one hell of a good team.

One night after beating Portland by 20, the Lakers routed the Clippers by 38.

One twisted knee or ankle could send it all burning to the ground. But barring any major injuries, this Laker team is gonna be fun to watch.

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Congrats to the Phillies for winning the World Series on Wednesday night. I said all year long that they were a very good team, despite the fact that they almost missed the playoffs.

I didn’t think they would win the World Series, but in this crazy postseason setup MLB has, any team can win. I’ve gone over that in great detail in this blog. The Phils played the best baseball since Sept. 1, and they won it all.

Back in the good, old days — before the playoffs began in 1969 — the Cubs and Angels would have slugged it out in the World Series. The pre-1969 Series champions were certainly more bona fide champions, but fans didn’t have nearly the excitement that today’s fans enjoy.

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