Off-season questions

26 Oct

The Dodgers’ biggest needs going into 2009? The same as many teams’ — a power bat and a quality starting pitcher or two.

What I wonder, though, is this: Can the Dodgers fill those needs from within the organization? Or will they need to sign Manny Ramirez (power bat) or CC Sabathia (quality starter)?

Signing either of those guys would require at least a four-year deal for Manny and probably a six- or seven-year deal for CC. Very risky, to say the least.

Maybe a starting rotation of Billingsley-Kuroda-Kershaw-McDonald-Schmidt/Wade can get the job done for Los Angeles. Maybe James Loney, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp will hit for more power. If each of those guys hit 25 homers next year, we really wouldn’t need to sign a guy who can hit 50.

On the other hand, the Dodgers will have plenty of money to spend. Because they have a young team, their team payroll is relatively low. Especially after the contracts of Lowe, Blake, Penny, Kent and Nomar come off the books in a few days. I read somewhere that the Dodgers will have more $$$ to spend on free agents than any other team this off-season.

I hope they spend wisely.

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Game 3 of the World Series was exciting to the end. The Phillies are in good shape now, having won Jamie Moyer’s start. How he got through 5 2/3 innings remains a mystery to me.

If the Rays lose tonight, they’re in big trouble with Philly’s Cole Hamels scheduled to pitch Game 5.

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