Basketball, anyone?

19 Oct

I’m starting to look forward to the NBA season. This is the first year since Shaq left the Lakers that they will be the preseason favorite to win the West. Some experts undoubtedly will tab the Lakers as the favorite to win the NBA Finals.

We’ll see how it goes. I just enjoy watching/listening to the Lakers when they’re really good and winning all the time — the second half of last season was a good example.

But while the Dodgers are an obsession for me, the Lakers are more like a hobby. Something to get me through the long winter. I don’t live-and-die over each Laker win and loss.

I don’t get the DirecTV NBA package like I do for baseball. But since the Lakers are the NBA’s most popular team, they’re on regular channels (TNT, ESPN, ABC) at least once a week. I also subscribe to’s free radio package. I can listen to all the games for no charge. I started doing that last season and found myself tuning in for quite a few games, especially later in the season.

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Rays are one loss from spending the offseason thinking about that Game 5 meltdown.

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