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30 Sep

Jill had another echocardiogram today, and the results were super! Her ejection fraction (a measure of her heart’s strength and efficiency) was between 55 and 60 — exactly what a normal, healthy heart should be.

We had a scare four weeks ago when her EF was measured at 45. So the cardiologist has reason to believe that her diagnosis (cardiomyopathy) was caused by the pregnancy. Now that the baby is here, we are hopeful that Jill will be as good as new in a few weeks.

We are blessed to have such good news on the heels of the good news we received last week.  🙂

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The Cubs obviously have many advantages over the Dodgers in their first-round playoff series. Here’s another one: Hong-Chih Kuo is injured and will not be on the roster for L.A.

Kuo arguably has been baseball’s best middle reliever in 2008. More than 90 strikeouts in 80 innings and just a handful of walks all year long. The guy just overwhelms hitters — whether they bat right-handed or left-handed. There just aren’t that many lefty pitchers who throw in the mid- to upper-90s, and Kuo has pinpoint control and a hard-to-pick-up release point to go along with that power fastball.

But Kuo has a long history of arm woes, including four elbow surgeries. He currently is battling a circulation problem in his arm and fingers, so he’ll be forced to sit at least until the NLCS.

The Dodgers have had an extremely dependable bullpen this year, and Kuo was the biggest reason.

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One response to “More good news

  1. Al

    October 1, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    Good luck in the series, Al. I hope you win one game. Whank! 😉 That is great info about Jill, what an encouraging piece of news.


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