It’s official: Dodgers win the West

25 Sep

What a pleasant surprise in St. Louis this week: The Cardinals won three of four against Arizona, and today’s Cardinals victory gave the Dodgers the National League West championship.

I’m happy — giddy is a more accurate word — to report that I was wrong about this 2008 Dodgers team. I never thought they had what it took to win the division. Even after last night’s win over San Diego cut the magic number to one, I had visions of Arizona forcing a one-game playoff to determine a West champ.

We were a .500 team until Manny Ramirez arrived, and rarely has one player made such a big difference for a team. I knew we had good starting pitching and a great bullpen, and I always thought a big power bat would make us a contender. I was right about that, but I still felt like we were missing the “it” factor.

Now, on to the playoffs where hopefully we can do some damage.

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One response to “It’s official: Dodgers win the West

  1. 'Zona Tom

    September 25, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    Congrats to your team, Dodgerkramer! I should be sad that my local boys are out, but the team has not captured my heart the past few years. Go Cubbies!


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