Danish pride

The Ankeny Kramers traveled to Elk Horn on Saturday and enjoyed the Danish town’s Memorial Day festival. Wish we’d arrived a little sooner to see the parade, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Iowa has so many of those neat little towns like Elk Horn. If I had more time I would like to see more of them. Lots of opportunities in our fine state for “mini-vacations” and day trips.

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From feast to famine

No sport has a better sense of humor than baseball.

Five days ago, all the commentators were talking about how the Dodgers’ offense had been historically good through the first six weeks of the season. They were hitting homers and scoring runs at an unfathomable pace.

Then of course the Dodgers went cold, scoring a grand total of zero runs in 35 innings stretching from Sunday to tonight. That tied a Los Angeles Dodgers record for longest scoring drought.

So in about 72 hours, Dodger fans went from “Our offense can pound any team into submission” to “I have no idea how we’re going to score a run in this game.”

Luckily the Dodgers had Zack Greinke and Kenley Jansen on the mound tonight, and two runs were enough to beat San Diego 2-1. Rookie Joc Pederson hit the go-ahead home run in the bottom of the eighth inning.

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Two more days of school

Maisa is just days from being a first-grader. Year 1 sure went fast.

Summertime in Farley, Iowa, was a special time and place for a child of the late 80s and early 90s. I wouldn’t trade those memories for all the gold in Fort Knox.

I was very fortunate to have a parent who didn’t work during the summer. No babysitter or child care for me. Just fun in the sun, day after day, in my own neighborhood.

Jill and I are like so many married couples in Iowa — we both have to work in order to pay the bills. Our state has one of the country’s highest rates of two-income households. Iowans’ tireless work ethic no doubt plays a part in that phenomenon.

So I’m just a little sad that Maisa has to do summer camp every day instead of being home all summer. Oh sure, she’ll have a blast with her little friends, but her mom and dad just wish we could see Little Miss more than a few hours each day. :-/

I wish Maisa could have the opportunity to look forward to a true summer vacation — away from school — but this is our life and we’ll just have to make the best of it. :-)

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Goldfinches on our feeder

We love our birds in northwest Ankeny.

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Miss Kramer

Jill and I might as well reserve a spot for Maisa in the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Education. This girl spends almost all of her time pretending to be a teacher.

If you stop for a visit, you are very likely to see her sitting in her red chair, surrounded by books, reading to her imaginary students. That’s what she does, and she loves it.

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Big D named to Farley Hawks’ opening-day roster

Manager Paul Scherrman’s roster was recently published in the Dubuque paper. Congrats to brother Dan for making the cut.

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The Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen tonight turned in perhaps the most dominant inning in baseball history.

He struck out four batters (one of the strikeout victims reached on a dropped third strike) on just 14 pitches!

Thirteen of the 14 pitches were strikes, including one foul ball. I’ve never seen a more overpowering performance in 30+ years of watching baseball.

Amazingly, tonight was Jansen’s first appearance of the season after missing six weeks following foot surgery.

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