Different uniform, same enthusiasm

Maisa is playing for Fort Dodge in a national tournament this week in Kansas City. She looks tough in that uniform! 😀

Cousin Spencer lives in KC and dropped by to watch today’s games.

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Class 4A opponents are put on notice

I enjoyed watching my alma mater Western Dubuque win its substate final last night.

This is a heck of a team. The Bobcats struck out just twice in 40 plate appearances against an excellent Cedar Rapids Prairie team. Final score: 9-0.

WD also has three excellent pitchers. Class 4A teams are no doubt concerned about the possibility of matching up against the Bobcats.


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A nice visit with the McDermotts

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I watched the Bobcats clinch a state tournament berth tonight

The Bobcats pose for a photo with their state tournament qualifier banner on Wednesday night.

Calvin Harris of Western Dubuque is one of the top high school baseball players in the USA.
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Balls and strikes

I have been paying closer attention to balls and strikes in the games I have watched on TV in recent weeks. The strike zone overlay on the TV screen makes it easier to do this.

Overall I have observed that MLB umpires are incredibly accurate. No surprise there. Lots of pitches on the edge of the zone that go either way, but you can’t really fault them for that.

The most interesting observation I have made is that when a pitcher misses his target within the strike zone, the umpire almost always calls it a ball. I have seen lots and lots of pitches well inside the zone called balls simply because the catcher had to move his glove 12 inches to catch it.

I don’t know why this surprises me, but it does. I would’ve thought that the umpire watches the flight of the ball and nothing else, but apparently he also is watching the movement of the catcher’s mitt.

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A Monday packed with fun

On vacation this week. Trying to milk every day for all it’s worth.

Today Maisa and I watched kids’ movie “Hotel Transylvania” in the Ankeny theater, then it was lunch at Hardee’s followed by swimming at Cascade Falls in Ankeny. We spend a lot of time at the pools during the summer.

We watched the movie “Hidden Figures” when we returned home. The film is about three African-American women who were NASA mathematicians in the early 1960s. The women played key roles in getting United States astronauts into space for the first time.

What I discovered is that Maisa is at that age when a more mature movie such as “Hidden Figures” keeps her attention more than an animated film such as “Transylvania.” She was starting to get a little bored in the theater; conversely, she was totally tuned in to the movie about the NASA employees.

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The Dodgers know how to figure it out

The Dodgers are 37-17 since May 17, going from 10 games below .500 to 10 games above.

This is a very resilient organization.

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