Now THIS is a farm system

The modern-day Dodgers have about six minor-league affiliates.

That pales in comparison to the Dodgers of the 1950s, who had 28 minor-league teams.

The Dodgers built an impressive national fan base in the 1950s, 60s and 70s — and their large number of minor-league teams probably helped in that regard (along with all those World Series appearances).

The Yankees and Cubs had just 15 minor-league teams in the 1950s. The Cardinals had 21. So the Dodgers really stood out with their cadre of 28 teams.

The Dodgers of that era were famous for their philosophy of developing from within, and they put their money where their mouth was by building the deepest farm system in baseball.

This map shows how the Dodgers’ footprint stretched from coast to coast.

Thanks to Jon Weisman for sharing this map on Dodgers Insider.

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Money grab

Remember the good old days when the Cyclone-Hawkeye wrestling dual and the state wrestling tournament were shown on Iowa Public Television?

Now it’s internet-only and Comcast Chicago.

All Iowans should be sad/outraged about this.

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Random thoughts on a Friday

I know most folks don’t take a newspaper subscription these days. Makes me sad. For them and for me.

I’m proud that the Ankeny Kramers’ morning ritual includes grabbing the Register from the doorstep and flipping through the pages during breakfast. Just like I did when I was a kid growing up in Farley.

I get great pleasure from little exchanges like this:

Maisa: Geez Daddy, why is the paper so huuuuge today?


Maisa: Oh, never mind! I get it — it’s Sunday, and the Sunday paper is always big.

Gotta be a daily subscriber to have that little piece of knowledge!🙂


Softball in December! In bitterly cold conditions!

Well, not exactly. We practiced softball last night, but it was in 72-degree temperatures at the indoor facility in Ankeny. We became members last week and intend to get our money’s worth!

Maisa hit the ball really well. I could tell her little arms and hands are getting stronger. Amazing how much kids grow in just a few months.


After softball it was time to watch the Hawkeyes and Cyclones play basketball. The Ankeny Kramers had a good time watching Iowa pull off the upset. Lots of cheering and shouting in our living room. It was similar to last Saturday, when we watched UCLA upset No. 1 Kentucky.

Maisa absolutely loves watching sports. Doesn’t matter who’s playing or what the sport is.

“Who are we cheering for, Daddy?”

Makes me happy.




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Her own worst critic

Maisa wasn’t pleased with how this drawing turned out, but Mom and Dad sure were impressed.

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Maisa is becoming very interested in art and drawing the last few weeks. She inherited that gene from her Mama and Papa Clarence. Here is her most recent effort:

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Home of the Brooklyn Dodgers 

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I want one of these

A pennant on display at the pop-up museum Thursday at Dodger Stadium.


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