Pinkout Tournament champions

The Diablas finished the 2018 season in style, winning the Pinkout Tournament tonight in Urbandale.

Maisa pitched the semifinal and championship games. She never stopped battling.

Maisa also scored the tying run in the last inning of the championship game, just minutes before we won the extra-inning affair.


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National League champions

I am absolutely delighted to have won tonight’s game, securing another National League championship.

I’m soaking it in — and I never, ever take my team’s success for granted. It is so extremely difficult to get to the World Series.

I don’t have many hobbies besides the Los Angeles Dodgers, so you can certainly appreciate how much this means to me.

The history of our franchise is excellence in the National League and frustration in the World Series. I fully expect that trend to continue over the next 10 days.

But you never know. The 1988 Dodgers were given no chance to beat Oakland, and five games later we were on top of the world.

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We did it. No team has more National League titles than the Dodgers.

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Dodgers lead NLCS 3-2

Now need to find a way to win one game in Milwaukee this weekend.

Kershaw was great. Happy for him.

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My favorite movie scene

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Softball in Illinois

The Diablas took third place in this weekend’s tournament in the Quad Cities.

Maisa pitched complete games in the quarterfinals and the third-place game.

She made a really nice catch in center field during the semifinals and turned it into a double play.

Maisa’s bat was kinda quiet this weekend, but her teammates more than made up for it with a heavy dose of clutch hitting. The Diablas swung hot bats in chilly weather!

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The definition of ‘tough’

I stumbled upon a brilliant documentary about Game 1 of the 1988 World Series tonight on Fox Sports 1.

It should be required viewing for any young athlete (or anyone of any age facing any kind of adversity).

The 1988 Dodgers were completely overmatched in the playoffs and the World Series, but when the dust had settled, the Dodgers were the ones holding the championship trophy.

The 1988 Dodgers were the toughest team I’ve seen in 35 years of watching sports. They believed in themselves. They played smart baseball. They didn’t care how good the opponent was.

And leading the charge was Kirk Gibson, the toughest athlete I’ve ever seen. What he overcame in terms of physical pain to become a World Series hero just blows my mind.

The years had erased some of my memories of Gibson’s nonstop heroics in the 1988 playoffs vs. the Mets. And then of course the game-winning home run in Game 1 of the World Series. Gosh, he was a stud.

Gibson, Hershiser, Lasorda, Sax, Hatcher … so many heroes on that team. Still looking for the next group of Dodger World Series heroes. 🙂

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