Maisa’s first day of third grade

Today I’m thinking back to my third-grade classroom in the “old building” at Western Dubuque Elementary in Farley.

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If you’re keeping score at home

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The knuckler 

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Now pitching for the Diablas …

Maisa made her windmill pitching debut today at a tournament in West Des Moines.

She struck out three batters and allowed no runs in an inning of work to close out a 12-8 victory.

We were very happy to have some success in her first attempt as a pitcher. 🙂

I’ll try to post some video later on.

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Vacation, week two

I have had another good week of vacation this week.

Maisa and I went to…

–Cascade Falls Water Park on Tuesday

–the Iowa Cubs game/state capitol building/sculpture park on Wednesday (with friend Mallory).

–and the Science Center on Thursday.

Today we are planning to go to Saylorville for some beach time.


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Baseball rules in Southern California 

The crowd sizes at Dodger Stadium are enormous and stunning in the midst of this historic season. 

52,000 people showed up last night —    on a Wednesday — to see the Dodgers play a really bad White Sox team. 

Last weekend’s 3-game series against the lowly Padres brought 150,000 fans to Chavez Ravine. Eight of those tickets were sold to Ankeny and Westphalia residents. 😀👍⚾️

Last night, Yasiel Puig became the 9th different Dodger with a walk-off hit in their 10 walk-off victories this year.

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‘World championship or bust’ is not my credo

The 2017 Dodgers are 50 games over .500 and on pace to have one of the greatest regular-season records in baseball history.

I have been hearing a lot of talk lately that these Dodgers need to win a World Series championship in order to cement their legacy as one of the great teams of all time.

I don’t subscribe to that theory. No way. I won’t let an October stumble tarnish the way that I feel about this season. The playoffs is a 10-team tournament, often resulting in bizarre and unexpected results.

If I’m lucky enough to still be around in 50 years, I will be talking about this 2017 team, no matter what happens in October. What they are doing is magical and powerful and pretty much unprecedented.

I’m proud of all the great Dodger teams that have come and gone, whether they won a World Series or not. I frequently think about and talk about the 1953 team that was as dominant as you’ll ever find. 105 wins, 49 losses. The fact that the 1953 Dodgers lost in the World Series does not diminish what they did during the regular season.

Likewise, I’m proud of the 1974 Dodgers team that steamrolled the National League (102 wins, 60 losses) throughout the regular season before falling to the Oakland A’s in the World Series.

The 1947 team. The 1977-78 teams. The 1985 team. The 2013 team. All of those Dodger squads (and many others) were special and memorable despite the fact that they didn’t win it all.

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