Belated thank you

Maisa had a great time last Friday night/Saturday morning with Steve, Carie and Joseph. She’s been talking about the fun she had ever since.

Thanks again for welcoming an extra guest for a night! :-)

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Breakfast at Maisa’s school today

Thanks to Jill for putting together this lovely photo montage…

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I thought this was really funny

Political columnist George Will is always trying to sound like the smartest man who ever lived. And that goes for his love of baseball, too.

So I found this old “Saturday Night Live” skit to be exceptionally hilarious. Click here to watch it.

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Tough girl, like her mama

Maisa pulled out her own tooth today during after-school care (top row, right in the middle). She didn’t even cry.

Can you believe that?

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30 years a Dodger fan

Today the priest talked about a sermon he heard someone give 30 years ago, back in 1985.

So naturally that reminded me that this is my 30th anniversary of becoming a Dodger fan.

When I was 6, 7, 8 years old, I spent countless afternoons hanging out with Uncle Hub and his family, Dodger fans all. Their house and acreage had all sorts of fun for a youngster.

Iowa's two biggest Dodger fans -- Hub and I -- prepare for a game in Milwaukee in 2013.

Iowa’s No. 1 and No. 2 Dodger fans — Hub and me — prepare for a game in Milwaukee in 2013.

Basically I wanted to be just like Hub and his son Jason, so I jumped on the Dodger bandwagon during that winning summer of 1985. The Bums won the National League West championship before dropping the league championship series to the Cardinals.

The next two seasons were bleak. Then came that magical 1988 season and I was hooked for life.

There wasn’t much to brag about between 1989 and 2003. Since I met Jill, however, the Dodgers have made six postseason appearances in 11 years. So I’d call her a good-luck charm if there ever was one. :-)

I’m looking forward to the next 30 years of Dodger baseball.


While I’m on the subject, happy 60th “Dodger” anniversary to Hub. He jumped on the Boys of Summer bandwagon in 1955 when they won their first world championship.

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Chavez Ravine from the sky

My longtime friend Barry flew over Dodger Stadium recently and sent this image my way. Nice view. See the Hollywood sign in the distance? It’s a speck of white in the upper-left portion of the photo.


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‘Hey, we’re trying to watch a game here’


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